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Meet Me in the Middle


A romance between fame and anonymity is founded on shaky ground. It would take a long and valiant effort in order for the two of contrasting nature to fall in love. That is what exactly did happen, yet one big hurdle remains... Oliver, the only son of the Greywood family: touted as the ones who s... more info

Story about: romance with billonaire, love and money, college love

Ongoing: 26 Nov 186 pages
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Rating: 26

#2428 in Romance
#1299 in Billionaires


The Moon Hiding at Dawn


A teenage boy, considered to be one of the ten prodigies of the school where everyone, except for him, lives on the sweet spot of being billionaires. He lives his life of boredom and solitude up until Kallen, another prodigy and top of the class, bothers her. Where will the journey of the two, toget... more info

Story about: prodigies, college love, romance and tragedy

Ongoing: 26 Nov 9 pages
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Rating: 0

#1521 in Romance
#760 in Billionaires

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