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Broken Rules

Victory Storm

Easton could not believe it. Did his father really think he could host his new girlfriend's daughter without any consequences? And to make matters worse, did dear Alice really think she could dance into his life without following him and his rules? When Alice had accepted that new life alongside her... more info

Story about: bad boy, college love, hate to love

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Rating: 55

#292 in Romance
#12 in New Adult & College
#16 in Young adult
#2 in School


Only Blue

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Summary When Blue showed up unexpectedly on prom night, Corbyn thought they could finally be together. But after she presents him with a proposition that he turned down with uncompromising resistance. As much as they love each other, she’s not backing down and he isn’t either. With their de... more info

Story about: music, college love, love after heartbreak

Complete 121 pages
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Rating: 66

#51 in Young adult
#936 in Romance
#64 in New Adult & College


My Dear Devil

miss paik

''hey, you come here.'' Robin Steve most handsome lad in the whole university asked Jenna White to stop where she was. ''he'll bully me again'' Jenna whispered in her mouth and ignored him like he even doesn't exists. ''you, brat! i asked you to come here.'' he shouted and got on the way to catch ... more info

Story about: college love, hate love story, different aspects of college life

Complete 282 pages
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Rating: 95

#893 in Romance
#55 in New Adult & College
#125 in Fantasy
#65 in Romantic fantasy

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