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Flowers for Olivia

Nina AM

Olivia Ricci is the daughter of a wealthy business man who imports exotic flowers or at least that’s what she has been led to believe. Her parents are too strict with her and have forbidden her to date anyone. That’s until Stefan Corvino comes along, an arrogant and mysterious man who sweeps he... more info

Story about: mafia love, forced marriage, crime and romance

Ongoing: 02 Dec 29 pages
946 165 10

Rating: 15

#206 in Romance
#31 in Romantic suspense


The Ripples

Frederica Liao

Tsai Meiying is a young ambitious oncologist who has all she could desire — a good career and good earning, also a loving father who resides far from the city. Being pampered by her father since she was a child, Meiying never knows what her father has actually done in the past... Until a detectiv... more info

Story about: crime thriller, crime and romance, doctors and medical

Ongoing: 02 Dec 18 pages
27 0 1

Rating: 2

#84 in Thrillers & Suspense
#19 in Crime fiction
#875 in Romance
#165 in Contemporary Romance


Discovering the Light


This story surrounds the love life of Shafaq and Rehan.... more info

Story about: love, romance thriller, crime and romance

Complete 54 pages
199 6 0

Rating: 0

#237 in Fantasy
#1413 in Romance

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