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The goddess awakens Book# 1

Iris rose

This book is about two teens One who is a goddess her name is Goddess princess Iris isabella Rose, and they others name is Waylon curtis Who just know about her being a princess but what he does not know is that she i a vampire and a goddess They both fall for eachother but when she is called to go ... more info

Story about: paranormal, dark fantasy, goddess and love

Complete 10 pages
632 43

Rating: 4

#212 in Fantasy
#60 in Dark fantasy
#10 in Horror
#9 in Paranormal


Kotc: Sweetened Paper and Gold

Dranel Penumbra

“Burn true, burn bright, all the while in the darkness, trust in whoever is light.” The death of the high king Thane Noir has sent the hemrean nations into a tumult. Royalties gather by the order of the silver concordant in Gladiaz. As the city enraptures its people with sweetened treasure and p... more info

Story about: fantasy, action, dark fantasy

Ongoing: 27 Jun 95 pages
103 6

Rating: 2

#238 in Fantasy
#67 in Dark fantasy
#11 in Action fantasy


Yagan jae and the dreaming girl


One morning when Yagan jae is just settling down to breakfast when he is interrupted by an anxious mother who is unable to awaken her young daughter. The Dragon can only think of one person who can help him, he just hopes his friend has not moved on.... more info

Story about: dark fantasy

Complete 10 pages
1424 17

Rating: 1

#2806 in Fantasy
#1114 in Mystery
#617 in Supernaturals

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Poison Garden

Jocelyn Black

What is a poor witch to do when she catches the eye of a handsome Inspector for the Department of Magical Misuse? Maks Bryns is hellbent on unraveling all of her secrets, but what will he choose to do with them if he does? In a world where witchcraft is punishable by death, Doris Gibby decides that ... more info

Story about: witch and human, dark fantasy, romantic fantasy

Complete 160 pages
6810 94

Rating: 45

#1600 in Fantasy
#4605 in Romance
#544 in Paranormal Romance

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