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Booknet Stories: dark romance. Best in genre

Stories: dark romance. Best in genre

3 books
Book cover ""The Murder" That Changed My Life"
'Betrayed me darling' 'Please don't kill me' 'Strip' 'Murderer' 'I will use you in a better way, instead of killing you'. These all words are continuously roaming in my mind; they won't let me sleep, i wish i had never gone to that club; it changed my whole life. Sarah Williams life completely chang...
Story about: murder, dark romance, mafia
4 939
129 pp.
Book cover "Madly In Love "
SHE was kind hearted, innocent girl who came from small town to big city just to complete her study and get a job but guess what fate was not her side,when she face her nightmare HE is nothing but a mystery to everyone he is cold and ruthless and he wanted REVENGE ____________________________ "...
37 997
In progress: 18 May
1 pp.
Book cover "Eternal Obsession"
It is neither love nor lust. It was nothing but an Obsession. And I am nothing but his Eternal Obsession *** Violet Cadhill, A normal girl, enjoying her life and doing a simple job at the bakery with the dream of opening her own one day. Being a painfully oblivious girl, she couldn't notice the de...
16 486
151 pp.
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