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Wicked Love

Payal Mandal

Rashika, an obssessive girl who fell in love with a movie star Aayaan Singhania. He felt attracted to her as well, but things go wrong when they unknowingly sparked a controversy. He left her, but she wasn't the one who will weep for years and then eventually move on. She believed in revenge and tha... more info

Story about: dark romance, obsession, revenge and drama

Ongoing: 17 Apr 81 pages
8107 380 29

Rating: 65

#139 in Romance
#32 in Contemporary Romance


Seducing the Vampire Lord.


When Flora tries to escape a stalker who broke into her apartment she gets sucked into an antique mirror she was gifted for her 19th birthday and lands into a place foreign to her and back in time and in the mercy of a dark brooding vampire who might just rip her throat out if she made the wrong mo... more info

Story about: dark romance, timetravel, possessive vampire

Ongoing: 18 Apr 91 pages
3590 213 30

Rating: 39

#41 in Fantasy
#18 in Romantic fantasy
#300 in Romance
#16 in Paranormal Romance


Beauty Is To Be Blamed


In this world or to say materialistic world, where everyone is in race of getting beautiful , powerful and what not . But a born beauty , whose beauty can even blind the beautiful moon in dark night , who can overshadow the flowers blooming with a smile of her , will actually be taken as a thing to ... more info

Story about: fantasy, dark romance, paranormal romance

Ongoing: 22 Feb 3 pages
45 6 0

Rating: 1

#873 in Fantasy
#2188 in Romance
#475 in Paranormal Romance

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