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Elizabeth Moses

Hannah a 13year old girl is stuck with a Dad who uses her as a punching bag, she is not only faced with depression at home but also in school. This is a mind blowing short story with a lot of lessons to learn.... more info

Story about: death, bullying in school, molestation

Complete 10 pages
906 121 13

Rating: 15

#1 in Short stories
#11 in Young adult
#5 in School



R. Diamond40

Alexander Barn is a man sentenced to death who in an attempt to save his soul from despair writes a letter to his last son, telling him about his life... more info

Story about: death, family, family and love

Complete 41 pages
614 33 3

Rating: 2

#35 in Short stories
#29 in Others
#6 in Non-fiction


The Sorrows of War

Nicole Armas

"When you get back to Canada you know there will be no one waiting for you. No banners. No brass bands. No cheering crowds. Not like there was in 1914. No, people will be tired of you. They'll shun you, hoping to get over with the war as quickly as possible."... more info

Story about: death, loss, war

Complete 3 pages
622 25 3

Rating: 3

#9 in Action & Adventures
#4 in Military
#45 in Short stories



Alex Scrivenor

I used to believe that the world was worth saving, that magic could only be good, and that whatever came my way, no matter what, I'd be able to save it. Can you believe that shit?! Turns out, I'm only able to see everyone die ('less I kill them), and also, but not less important, hurt every single p... more info

Story about: death, demons, murder

Ongoing: 05 Jun 53 pages
22 2 0

Rating: 0

#61 in Young adult
#37 in Thrillers & Suspense
#4 in Action thriller


When the thunder Roars

Saly Muse

This story is about a boy who soon grows into a man. Watch as he faces his fears and saves a life.... more info

Story about: death, life lessons

Complete 4 pages
299 28 2

Rating: 1

#68 in Contemporary fiction
#18 in Urban life
#114 in Young adult
#47 in School

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