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In the arms of a Demon

Angelica Reu

Amelia Martins is helping children in an orphanage in her town. But one day a businessman wants to buy it and all the kids will have to search for a new home. Amelia is not going to let it happen, she will do everything to protect orphan children. She is determined to meet the businessman and convin... more info

Story about: demon, demon and human, dark past pregnancy suspense

Complete 101 pages
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Rating: 436

#1 in Fantasy
#1 in Romantic fantasy


Kiss From a Rose

Aurora Selah

Leo was one of the few that were cast into the abyss, but later they were given a thousand years to take up human form and live among humans before they would be thrown into the lake that burned with sulphur. In that period, he had to find the human girl he had marked at birth. Would she love him f... more info

Story about: romance and heartbreak, demon and human

Ongoing: 16 Apr 4 pages
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Rating: 1

#1515 in Romance
#192 in Paranormal Romance

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