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In the arms of a Demon

Angelica Reu

Amelia Martins is helping children in an orphanage in her town. But one day a businessman wants to buy it and all the kids will have to search for a new home. Amelia is not going to let it happen, she will do everything to protect orphan children. She is determined to meet the businessman and convin... more info

Story about: demon, demon and human, dark past pregnancy suspense

Complete 101 pages
93947 1662

Rating: 601

#18 in Fantasy
#5 in Romantic fantasy


The Demon Joined Her for Tea


She was a lost soul, after the death of her husband, but when a demon comes to join her for tea, she finds herself again.... more info

Story about: lost love, demon, faith

Complete 6 pages
2090 85

Rating: 11

#481 in Short stories
#219 in Horror
#131 in Paranormal


Bloody Halloween

Mina Tiara

The day before Halloween was supposed to be boring, but rather than boring and interesting; the day became annoying for the eighteen year old Allen Brooks who was taken to graveyard against his will by his friends, before the midnight just for the stupid games, and to look around the graveyard decor... more info

Story about: demon, halloween, short novel

Complete 45 pages
431 15

Rating: 11

#1072 in Fantasy
#223 in Dark fantasy
#97 in Horror


the demon star


Being a god wasn't.'t the problem with the duke, how to acquire a soul was... more info

Story about: demon, star, possions

Ongoing: 04 Jun 1 pages
21 1

Rating: 1

#331 in Fantasy
#93 in Dark fantasy
#21 in Epic fantasy


The Assignment Of a Demon


Lena Firth is being stalked by some strange, creepy figure and she suspects that he has connection with the crimes that happened in the past, involving the murder of a family and a missing child. After the Oswalt family massacre, she meets the deputy who shares the information with her and agrees to... more info

Story about: demon, paranormal, allies

Complete 56 pages
796 76

Rating: 2

#152 in Fanfiction
#29 in Movies Fanfiction
#145 in Horror
#81 in Paranormal

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