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A demon's love


19-year-old Jackson seems like an ordinary boy, smart and hot, but still just a human. He's the typical popular boy, arrogant, narcissistic, and devilishly handsome. But he has a secret, he's a demon. A demon who can't love, can't feel anything but pleasure at someone else's expense. What will ... more info

Story about: romance, demons, forbidden love

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Rating: 154

#57 in Romance
#4 in Fantasy
#3 in Romantic fantasy




Anne and Tom are scared, alone, and abandoned by even their memories. Their survival is driven by the unusual bond they share and the determination to find out who they are, in a world littered by the ruins of a once-thriving society. But the more they uncover their past, the deeper they find them... more info

Story about: survival, demons, suspense

Ongoing: 19 Apr 80 pages
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Rating: 3

#42 in Fantasy
#11 in Dark fantasy
#34 in Young adult
#3 in Dystopia




(This short story was inspired by the Song from Allen Walker called Lily) Lily has been pampered all her life, is what everyone always thought. But, who truly knows what goes on behind lavish castle walls. She eventually believes that the best for her is to escape, even if that means escaping to... more info

Story about: demons, creatures, lost

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Rating: 0

#57 in Fantasy
#16 in Dark fantasy
#7 in Horror
#6 in Paranormal


The Gates To Hell


Sipnosis The gates to hell (original title Zaza dare the ouija) tells the story of six strangers who are in a room full of dust and mystery located in the Belmont High School Lakewood, they find the Ouija, leave their differences aside to to play and talk to spirits. They manage to make contact wi... more info

Story about: demons, ouija, suspense

Ongoing: 09 Apr 9 pages
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Rating: 0

#18 in Thrillers & Suspense
#8 in Suspense
#3 in Action thriller


Natural Born Killers: Book 2 (weekly Updates)

Naakaree griffits

A Sequal to 'A Killer Amongst Us'. When Silas goes in search of his mother 20 years after being abandoned by her in an Arizona hospital, he didn't know what to expect when he finally found her... What he came across far exceeded any expectations that he held; As, upon his arrival, he had gained ... more info

Story about: demons, killers

Ongoing: 02 May 4 pages
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Rating: 1

#83 in Fantasy
#35 in Thrillers & Suspense


Devil's Soul

Alex Scrivenor

My name is Khan Deabru, I'm a high-school student, and I'm dying. So you've heard this before, right? Well, not like this: You see, I'm falling from the tip of the Empire State (which, FYI, appeared in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico for some damn reason) after being KIDNAPPED by something called the "... more info

Story about: demons, hunting, blood shed

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Rating: 15

#648 in Fantasy
#154 in Dark fantasy
#231 in Thrillers & Suspense
#108 in Suspense


To love or to hell


You should be careful when making a deal and extra careful when it looks easy. She thought that not loving anyone would be easy. He thought making someone fall for him was child's play. It thought watching them struggle would be fun.... more info

Story about: demons, murder, mistery

Ongoing: 09 Apr 6 pages
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Rating: 2

#25 in Fanfiction
#151 in Fantasy
#47 in Romantic fantasy




Long ago, in a world parallel to our own, humans lived in constant fear of the nocturnal beasts that we only know as demons. Living under the protection of the angels, it seemed like the world was living in peaceful tension. However, when the demons finally took control, nearly wiping out any and al... more info

Story about: demons, angels, found family

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Rating: 8

#267 in Fantasy
#51 in Action fantasy
#177 in Short stories


And Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return

Nicole Armas

The Archangel Michael survives the extermination of his kind and is left to deal with the bloody aftermath of Heaven's destruction.... more info

Story about: angels, demons, angst

Complete 6 pages
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Rating: 2

#304 in Short stories
#576 in Fantasy
#142 in Dark fantasy


Stadler House: Book Two: Emily

Roger Alderman

Decades after the Massacre at the Stadler House Group Home the survivor, Emily Stephens, attempt to move forward with her life. But her past will not give Emily up so easily. Her desire to help others has guided her to a career as a Hospice Nurse. But something goes horribly wrong when she finds her... more info

Story about: evil spirits, ghosts, demons

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Rating: 2

#44 in Horror
#27 in Paranormal
#101 in Mystery
#53 in Supernaturals


A Librarian and His Demon

RJ Greene

A collection of short stories featuring a librarian and his demon. Egan is a librarian who has has taken on the responsibility of guarding and collecting ancient books of magic, prophecy, mythology and artifacts not just from this world, but others as well. Through his adventures, he encounters a st... more info

Story about: demons, friendship, supernatural

Complete 169 pages
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Rating: 11

#264 in Fantasy
#50 in Action fantasy

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