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Mysterious Obsession

Nihc Ronoel

Aris Sandoval was such a good-for-nothing type of a Casanova, but behind his charming looks that were effortlessly used to leave trails of broken-hearted women wherever he went, lies an obsessed heart longing for an extraordinary woman from his past. Will he still continue his mysterious obsession,... more info

Story about: mermaids, obsession, destiny

Ongoing: 21 Nov 18 pages
129 16 4

Rating: 8

#52 in Fantasy
#36 in Romantic fantasy
#40 in Mystery


The dream : Which led me to you


A girl (Ira, age 19) had a dream of a celebrity (Tanner, age 25) which he never have that much attention, nor did she had time for love. But destiny makes both of them meet. How did this ordinary girl and Celebrity man paired up together by destiny.... more info

Story about: souls connecting dream, romance, destiny

Ongoing: 25 Nov 14 pages
239 34 5

Rating: 1

#926 in Romance
#134 in Romantic suspense



R. Diamond40

sometimes we are born in the wrong place.... ... more info

Story about: desire for love , destiny, society vs self

Complete 32 pages
76 0 0

Rating: 0

#147 in Others
#117 in Short stories


Three times Destiny

A dream impossible

Jessica is a positive girl, so no matter what difficulties she has experienced and how many times she fell down to the bottom of her life, she struggles desperately to overcome them and stand again. She strongly believes that there will be a person destined to protect her, love her and need her by h... more info

Story about: destiny, love and mystery, love between ceo and intern

Ongoing: 16 Nov 23 pages
238 10 5

Rating: 3

#1428 in Romance
#223 in Romantic suspense
#237 in Contemporary Romance

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