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Mr Geun's Second Wife

Syanja J

Geun Jungwon is the most famous successful and well-settled businessman. Geun Eun-Hee is also known as a famous surgeon. After completing their university they got married and continued their careers. They were happy in their little world but one-day Eun-Hee met Seon Soon-Ja who was attempting suic... more info

Story about: destiny, secondmate, cheating husband

Ongoing: 29 Jun 81 pages
1690 94

Rating: 11

#424 in Romance
#219 in Billionaires
#107 in Contemporary Romance


The Choice: The Forgotten Tale Book 2

Veronica S. Lawson

A choice of Power. A choice of Love. A choice that decides destiny's flow. Will Arthur die by Modreds hand, or will Abilon be created. Only the choice made by one blue eyed witch will determine everyone's fate. Will Merlin make the right choice and gain new friends, or will she make a grave mistake... more info

Story about: magic, destiny, merlin

Complete 134 pages
956 11

Rating: 3

#157 in Fanfiction
#1199 in Fantasy



R. Diamond40

sometimes we are born in the wrong place.... ... more info

Story about: desire for love , destiny, society vs self

Complete 32 pages
314 8

Rating: 0

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#351 in Short stories


Destiny Three Times


Ms. Reddy Painter is an innocent yet career-oriented girl who is used to living alone. One day while walking towards her office she found a mysterious wallet not just one but two. See how these wallets will change her life. Will she find her Destiny because of the wallets or will it just be trouble?... more info

Story about: destiny, billionaire love, mystery guy

Complete 41 pages
861 54

Rating: 34

#3708 in Romance
#1251 in Billionaires

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