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Booknet Stories: dragon in love with human. Best in genre

Stories: dragon in love with human. Best in genre

3 books
Book cover "Magical love"
History promised Kate a complete set. A handsome prince tied to her by the gods themselves, an amazing new world, magic ... But the prince is in love with another, and the hit woman is eager to go home with all her might, because the most precious thing remains there. Will Kate find her happiness in...
2 003
185 pp.
Book cover "You and Me "
"Tell me the truth!" "I can't! You'll hate me." "I am this close to hating you for not telling me anything!" May Dawson was a high school graduate who just moved into the small town Mazadora. A man by the name of Eros, appeared at her door one night, beaten up. She took care of him even as the...
12 815
117 pp.
Book cover "The Exiled Dragon"
Serenity- a human girl, met with an unfortunate accident in her childhood that not only instilled the fear of fire in her heart but also the belief, that whoever she loves eventually dies, and thus is fearful of falling in love. Masou- the prince of fire dragons, is unable to return to his own ki...
36 634
151 pp.
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