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Booknet Stories: dragons. Best in genre

Stories: dragons. Best in genre

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Book cover "Mate of the Dragon King"
Princess. Mate. Dead. Bain had lost his mate, who sacrificed her life to save his and he has vowed to search until the end of time to find her again. Reincarnated. Human. Mate? After centuries of looking Bain found his mate once more but can he convince this girl raised in a time of science and fa...
15 384
153 pp.
Book cover "The Witch And The Dragon Clan"
Anastasia would never had believe that dragons were real, until a blue eye guy appeared into her life with the most unrealistic story ever. Not only did he say dragons were real, but that they become men by night and dragon by day. And now, she's the witch the dragon clan has been searching and ...
222 pp.
Book cover "A Girl and Her Dragon"
A girl lives with her dragon... and then a knight comes along....
Story about: fantasy, dragons, knights
6 976
16 pp.
Book cover "Magical love"
History promised Kate a complete set. A handsome prince tied to her by the gods themselves, an amazing new world, magic ... But the prince is in love with another, and the hit woman is eager to go home with all her might, because the most precious thing remains there. Will Kate find her happiness in...
1 828
185 pp.
Book cover "The Battle of Knights and Dragons"
Planet Earth a world we all know of and if looked close enough it could be a source of great power, this is a story of another world that exist across the vast ocean of stars this is the story of Estra....
Story about: war of tribes, dragons, knights
In progress: 09 Jan
13 pp.
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