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Dream of the Eternal Lovers


The story of college student Johan and middle school student Lucy, who have been having the same dream ever since they could remember. A dream of two lovers who would always fall to some misfortune. Before they meet their end, they swore to be together in the afterlife. History will crash upon Johan... more info

Story about: drama, romance drama, age difference romance

Ongoing: 29 Jun 61 pages
289 55

Rating: 4

#624 in Romance
#34 in New Adult & College



Carolina Silva

Charlotte Ducke is barely surviving the consequences of a tortuous past. With the chin up and dignity intact, try to overcome all the attacks that fate gives her. Life presents an unexpected turn of Eithan Dankworth's hand, he will completely dislodge it. Both will ignore the signals that shout that... more info

Story about: romance, betrayal, drama

Complete 164 pages
43439 1574

Rating: 126

#1432 in Romance
#93 in Contemporary fiction
#53 in ChickLit


A hunter's diary


From Giving up on you saga Before Hyuk, a.k.a Hunter, found Hongbin and then Leo, he met Anne, a lively girl who appeared to be the victim but hides a big secret behind that innocent face. Now, he has volunteered himself to find the culprits behind Anne's family murder but, what is expecting him ... more info

Story about: romance, drama, detectives

Complete 20 pages
3082 39

Rating: 2

#313 in Fanfiction
#1076 in Young adult



J Dessarroy

Longing to realize his full potential in life amid the pursuit of healing and connection, Nathaniel's story unfolds as he proceeds through the first steps of medical transition. After joining an online forum for LGBT individuals, he meets Christian and opens himself up to a friendship that gradually... more info

Story about: drama, lgbt fiction, slow burn romance

Complete 267 pages
1973 159

Rating: 7

#7442 in Romance
#336 in LGBT
#1180 in Contemporary Romance


Blue Road

Celeste I.

Richard didn't heed his guardian's warnings about the mysterious and shady place from the flyer he came across. He wanted a big break and a chance to make quick and easy money, but never expected to find himself tricked and caught in a twisted experiment conjured up by scientists. Transformed into a... more info

Story about: drama, ghost and human, relationship problems

Complete 281 pages
1272 55

Rating: 8

#396 in Mystery
#219 in Supernaturals
#374 in Thrillers & Suspense
#130 in Suspense


Maybe it's her...

Aysha Tanveer

A story about a trio. A cute love story between main lead Danny and scarlet. Scarlet a transfer student and Danny a popular basketball player who fall for Scarlet. And a second lead couple Lucas and Lia. Both wealth but having a hard time. To find their love. ... more info

Story about: drama, friendship, romace comedy

Ongoing: 14 Jun 4 pages
95 22

Rating: 2

#1561 in Romance
#122 in Young adult
#50 in School


The Night Walker


Antwone Devaux is a renowned writer who is actively working to complete his next book while dealing with chronic insomnia. Not a big deal for someone who enjoys taking long solitary walks at night to muse about his writing, his life and things that have been repressed for being too damaging to the h... more info

Story about: literary, drama, adult

Complete 132 pages
10357 216

Rating: 14

#626 in Contemporary fiction
#210 in Urban life


The Billionaires (#1)

Khanyi Mathayi

After spending thirteen years abroad, MJ Billings, the twenty-eight-year old multibillionaire and CEO of Billings Corporations; is forced to return to her birthplace; a place she would rather forget. MJ's return is every bit displeasing as it sounds. Under an alias, May Smith, she is forced to work ... more info

Story about: drama, secrets and lies, billionaires

Complete 365 pages
17935 325

Rating: 24

#311 in Contemporary fiction
#105 in Urban life
#4520 in Romance
#1422 in Billionaires

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