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Charlotte Ducke is barely surviving the consequences of a tortuous past. With the chin up and dignity intact, try to overcome all the attacks that fate gives her. Life presents an unexpected turn of Eithan Dankworth's hand, he will completely dislodge it. Both will ignore the signals that shout that... more info

Story about: romance, betrayal, drama

Ongoing: 25 Mar 93 pages
10539 635 49

Rating: 53

#58 in Romance
#10 in Contemporary Romance
#6 in Contemporary fiction
#5 in ChickLit


The Marked Heroes


To the chief of police, he was just a number. To his classmates, he was a freak. To his friends, he was their anchor. Zachary Bennet was the Leader of Unit Twelve, one of the thirteen elusive crime fighting teams across the country for those with 'special' gifts. But his position as leader was o... more info

Story about: drama, supernatural, slice of life

Ongoing: 17 Mar 118 pages
488 3 9

Rating: 3

#125 in Fantasy
#6 in Urban fantasy
#70 in Young adult


A hunter's diary


From Giving up on you saga Before Hyuk, a.k.a Hunter, found Hongbin and then Leo, he met Anne, a lively girl who appeared to be the victim but hides a big secret behind that innocent face. Now, he has volunteered himself to find the culprits behind Anne's family murder but, what is expecting him ... more info

Story about: romance, drama, detectives

Complete 20 pages
568 4 2

Rating: 0

#51 in Fanfiction
#190 in Young adult


The Night Walker


Antwone Devaux is a renowned writer who is actively working to complete his next book while dealing with chronic insomnia. Not a big deal for someone who enjoys taking long solitary walks at night to muse about his writing, his life and things that have been repressed for being too damaging to the h... more info

Story about: literary, drama, adult

Complete 132 pages
4735 93 17

Rating: 14

#175 in Contemporary fiction
#54 in Urban life


The Life That Should Not Have Been

The Life That Should Not Have Been

Our two orphaned heroes, Dante and Bethany, searches for a place to belong in this fantasy adventure. Things are not so simple, however, as they are drawn into an increasingly larger world, with ever-growing complications, as well as century-old threats. In this organic experience, we see our heroes... more info

Story about: fantasy, adventure, drama

Ongoing: 05 Mar 53 pages
155 17 2

Rating: 4

#108 in Fantasy
#36 in Dark fantasy


Hopeless Memories of Summer

Alex Scrivenor

A single town of water. Three murders. Four Crown Jewels. One five-year-old in the midst of it all. Who will survive? “Summer! Because Mommy loved the seasons, and Summer was her favorite!”... more info

Story about: love, drama, murder

Complete 81 pages
28205 38 17

Rating: 9

#123 in Contemporary fiction
#30 in Urban life
#153 in Thrillers & Suspense
#28 in Crime fiction

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