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Unspoken Attractions

Failia Baighaan

"Zain, I want to be with you, forever." "But, I don't." *** What she desired and what she gained were contrary to each other. Hoorain Ahmed, being the youngest and most loved child, was never known to have pain; people around her eradicated it before it could graze her delicate skin. When someone... more info

Story about: family drama, unrequitedlove, love and pain

Ongoing: 13 Aug 99 pages
5813 346

Rating: 66

#77 in Romance
#20 in Contemporary Romance


It Started With A Kiss- The Mastermind


She had it all figured out. She had the life that she loved and she was living it every moment. Until the day she arrives to attend the wedding of a close friend. Little did she know, she had entered the wrong wedding and before she can realize, she is married off to the groom under the influe... more info

Story about: family drama, slow building romance, unexpected marriage

Ongoing: 11 Aug 142 pages
28152 571

Rating: 102

#223 in Romance
#2 in Inspiration romance
#33 in Romantic suspense


Mafia's Vengeful Wife

Payal Mandal

[Mafia's Wife, Book-1] The life of a twenty-year-old widow turned upside down because a Mafia and his Nephew got obsessed with her. Well, this time it was something different because one loved her while the other hated her. But one thing was sure, her fate was going to change forever and she wouldn... more info

Story about: family drama, revenge and drama, love and hate relationship

Complete 247 pages
87098 1375

Rating: 387

#39 in Contemporary fiction
#595 in Romance
#155 in Contemporary Romance


30 Days Deal

Rhoda Kadri

30 Days Deal is a Billionaire novel about the self made Billionaire; Demilade 'Demmy' Ninalowo with a past history. He only cares about himself, his work, his mother and his grandmother. They were the only thing he is devoted to. But his mother want him to have a wife. And Demilade a man who is a... more info

Story about: family drama, romance., billonaire

Ongoing: 28 Jul 290 pages
10617 201

Rating: 22

#617 in Romance
#16 in Inspiration romance
#309 in Billionaires


Storm Season

Susan Wingate

Meg Storm has stepped in it. After becoming entangled within an industry as nefarious as it is criminal, she gets swept into the lurid world of drugs. After her daughter, Lily, dies from an apparent heroin overdose, and then her husband, Meg has nothing left to lose. She becomes a woman on the hunt.... more info

Story about: psychological, family drama, dark

Complete 11 pages
1583 80

Rating: 2

#1008 in Thrillers & Suspense
#377 in Suspense


Perfect life? Perhaps not


Kayla is a young female who lives in a small town of Slovenia. Sasha is a young foreigner who loves Kayla and is sure they will stay together forever. They live the perfect life but that all changes when Kayla's father shows up and changes their life forever. Is their love stronger than the family f... more info

Story about: young love, family drama

Complete 56 pages
58645 101

Rating: 11

#8285 in Romance


Ms. Gold Digger

Sabrina R

Despite being the 'place' Alexsej vent out his anger as she was the daughter of his dad and his mistress, Amelia still believe that he will love her one day. Not until, he killed Amelia. Nailea's appearance, the money-eyed girl who accidentally succeeded in capturing the heart of Alexsej. Having the... more info

Story about: family drama, loveandhate, lovetriangle

Ongoing: 03 Jul 21 pages
364 42

Rating: 7

#1637 in Romance
#241 in Romantic suspense
#687 in Billionaires

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