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30 Days Deal

Rhoda Kadri

30 Days Deal is a Billionaire novel about the self made Billionaire; Demilade 'Demmy' Ninalowo with a past history. He only cares about himself, his work, his mother and his grandmother. They were the only thing he is devoted to. But his mother want him to have a wife. And Demilade a man who is a... more info

Story about: family drama, romance., billonaire

Ongoing: 06 Jul 167 pages
5258 144

Rating: 11

#895 in Romance
#41 in Inspiration romance
#443 in Billionaires



The Chrysanthemum

Ramesh hates his wife the most. Why does he hate her? Please read to know more. ... more info

Story about: woman, family drama, hatelove

Complete 22 pages
1760 66

Rating: 11

#37 in Short stories
#1231 in Romance
#63 in Inspiration romance


Storm Season

Susan Wingate

Meg Storm has stepped in it. After becoming entangled within an industry as nefarious as it is criminal, she gets swept into the lurid world of drugs. After her daughter, Lily, dies from an apparent heroin overdose, and then her husband, Meg has nothing left to lose. She becomes a woman on the hunt.... more info

Story about: psychological, family drama, dark

Complete 11 pages
1410 74

Rating: 2

#732 in Thrillers & Suspense
#284 in Suspense


Perfect life? Perhaps not


Kayla is a young female who lives in a small town of Slovenia. Sasha is a young foreigner who loves Kayla and is sure they will stay together forever. They live the perfect life but that all changes when Kayla's father shows up and changes their life forever. Is their love stronger than the family f... more info

Story about: young love, family drama

Complete 56 pages
57714 97

Rating: 11

#6070 in Romance


Two Worlds Apart

Alisha PJ

"Family", meant everything to Misha, for them, she can cross the river full of fire. Never in her life, she thought her family will come between her love. Meet Misha, A happy family-oriented Nepalese girl brought up in the US. Her life was going just fine like she planned. But what will happen, w... more info

Story about: family drama, epic love, romance and sacrifice

Ongoing: 02 Jul 40 pages
573 90

Rating: 5

#1515 in Romance
#138 in Young adult

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