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Mine to Watch Over


The pregnancy is progressing. Cat and Alex are trying their best not to let the outside world ruin what they have, but tensions are increasing. Meanwhile, Dillion is on a mission of his own, to win back Olivia, only Olivia wants no part of this plan, the pain his love caused the first time was enoug... more info

Story about: family, second chances, pregnacy

Ongoing: 15 Aug 111 pages
11511 606

Rating: 93

#451 in Romance
#24 in New Adult & College
#112 in Contemporary Romance


Behind You


He is selfish and only think about himself. He doesn't care if it'll trouble the people around him. Jawad return from his journey when he gets the news of him getting married or he loses his position of being the heir to his father's company. Farah a beautiful and kindhearted woman, with a nice and... more info

Story about: marriage, love, family

Complete 123 pages
123509 1520

Rating: 187

#637 in Romance
#165 in Contemporary Romance
#315 in Billionaires


Billionaire's Tutor

Nerissa Sanchez

Entangled by a big responsibility of raising two genius girls, Irene Reyes worked 24/7 as a literature teacher in a formal school, tutor in a learning center and a Youtuber. But having two girls in a prestigious university simultaneously could dry even a deep well. In her quest of finding ways to ma... more info

Story about: family, billionaireromance, strong woman

Complete 127 pages
14917 451

Rating: 24

#1186 in Romance
#546 in Billionaires


The Odd Billionaire


Since Traizle was still young, they, along with her two younger brothers, had already experienced the violent hands of their mother. All her mother wants is to buy what can make her more beautiful and elegant, but she cannot sustain the love and care that her children need. One day, their parents se... more info

Story about: love, family, billionare

Complete 36 pages
80496 964

Rating: 138

#1361 in Romance
#622 in Billionaires


Goodbye Elegy

Maliha Khanam

This short story is about a girl named Niha, who went through depression and mental trauma. But she recovered from her situation with help of a virtual listener whom she met on a certain mental support group. Due to some circumstances, Niha lost connection with that listener. Years later, now she is... more info

Story about: family, depression and anxiety, mental support

Complete 7 pages
129 13

Rating: 7

#208 in Short stories
#413 in Young adult



R. Diamond40

Alexander Barn is a man sentenced to death who in an attempt to save his soul from despair writes a letter to his last son, telling him about his life... more info

Story about: death, family, family and love

Complete 41 pages
1812 72

Rating: 3

#633 in Short stories
#997 in Others
#293 in Non-fiction


The Apple Of My Parents' Eye

Favour Okoye

Autism is a type of disorder in both children and adults, that tampers with their brains and makes them less receptive to people around them. Autistic people are very intelligent or witty when they desire to. Otherwise, they can lock themselves up and won’t open up to people. In this story, Gab... more info

Story about: family, spiritual, autism

Complete 33 pages
5070 52

Rating: 9

#602 in Short stories
#978 in Others
#283 in Non-fiction


Hearts Entwined


Zara and Amir are cousins and have been best of friends since their childhood days. They're now grown up to adults. You can't see Zara without Amir, they're always together. Every one knows their unbreakable bond. On the other hand, Amir sees her as more than just friends, he liked her for as long ... more info

Story about: relationship, romance, family

Complete 50 pages
1080 93

Rating: 8

#7270 in Romance
#1147 in Contemporary Romance
#597 in New Adult & College


Christmas Wish


Emma, a spirited young girl has only one wish that one day she will also acquire a happy family and it was fulfilled also but after a certain time, things switched tragically and she was once again thrown back into the darkness since she swore to not believe in the magic of Christmas. But once again... more info

Story about: family, orphan girl, christmasmiracle

Complete 16 pages
363 19

Rating: 12

#143 in Short stories
#168 in Contemporary fiction


My Mother-In-Law Is a Witch (short story)

Лилия Касмасова

A young girl is going to get married and finds out that the mother of her groom, and moreover, all the women in his family are witches! (Sorry for my english, it's not perfect. I'm russian writer.)... more info

Story about: family, witches, wedding

Complete 15 pages
1959 95

Rating: 7

#2597 in Fantasy
#1069 in Romantic fantasy
#113 in Urban fantasy


The Portal

PJ Lowry

David Jones thought he was normal until he discovered that his family has been keeping a secret from him his entire life. He learned that his father's side of the family can and has been doing something that no one else can: travel through time.... more info

Story about: time travel, family, justice

Complete 152 pages
6532 115

Rating: 9

#194 in Science fiction
#914 in Thrillers & Suspense
#152 in Action thriller


They're Trouble


Elly isn't shy. She is smart, troublesome and loud, but in a good way. She's basically a tomboy, loves playing sport and also a street fighter. She just moved to Colorado from Kansas with her mom after the death of her father, deciding to finish high school there. Meet Mike, he's what you call a... more info

Story about: love, friendship, family

Complete 201 pages
35700 407

Rating: 54

#724 in Young adult
#6133 in Romance


Father, where are you?

Rameen Rayha

Bella is now a 17 year-old girl who lost her father in a car accident. After the incident took place, he was never to be seen again. She was only 10 years old at the time. Struggling to find any clues about his whereabouts, the family tried not to lose hope. For Bella in her heart she knew he wa... more info

Story about: family, family and friends, family mysteries

Complete 80 pages
1689 64

Rating: 7

#633 in Young adult
#254 in School
#589 in Thrillers & Suspense
#204 in Suspense

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