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Booknet Stories: fantasy romance. Best in genre

Stories: fantasy romance. Best in genre

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Book cover "When A Witch Falls In Love"
Mike Adler, a rude, arrogant heir of Adler enterprise. Handsome, a notorious playboy, who doesn't care about anything in the world. He's a human. Angela, a 19 years old Witch. Breathtakingly gorgeous, but never been out of her little room. Mike fell in love with her at first sight when she sav...
20 886
105 pp.
Book cover "Forever Stolen"
When Demon Price Zeus was born the world had stilled to honour his arrival. Every creature that came under his rule had sworn in their loyalty to the demon that was undoubtedly meant to rule the world. Alexandra was just a baby when the coven of blood witches had found her in the forest. Even thou...
26 979
140 pp.
Book cover "Azian Prince of Dragons book 1"
Ten thousand years have past since the Megalos-Machi (great battle) between the Dragon kind and the remnants of The Level World. The dragon kind have long been proved extinct and the world has moved on into a new age. However deep in the Ignere forest they awake, they breed, they learn to fight...
5 707
162 pp.
Book cover "The Vow of Aerglo and Calitrix (pledge Series #1)"
In a city called Fria, They are two kingdoms called Hopsotch and Wildhorn. Where hatred prevailed, and love became unknown because of one tragedy. The future of both kingdoms is given to the Noble Royalties, but a twist in life does exist. That twist made their life complicated and forced them ...
In progress: 28 Aug
50 pp.
Book cover "Another World"
Jennifer Medina is a data analyst for Newton Solutions. She goes to work, keeps to herself as she gets things done, and then goes home to immerse herself in reading one of her hundreds of books. After a brief encounter with a new employee, Rick, Jennifer ends up getting hit by a truck while savi...
4 066
251 pp.
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