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Ever So Enamored

Abhirami Sujith

EVER SO ENAMORED is a Paranormal Romance fantasy that follows an action-packed relationship between Isabella, the most beautiful lady in Berlea and Adrien the Witcher. Isabella had to be gutsy and forthright to stand the insult. Little did she know that the demon king would make her life miserable.... more info

Story about: paranormal romance, fantasy., witcher and human girl

Ongoing: 22 Feb 29 pages
316 12 7

Rating: 7

#1534 in Romance
#274 in Paranormal Romance
#561 in Fantasy


Dragons of Purple Sapphire and Ladies in Green

Velinda Daniels

Dragons were once of the most noble stature, ruling over the world justly and fair for many millennia, but a 1000 years ago they were corrupted by a woman from the clan of the Damned. 700 years later Cara is on a mission to eradicate the Royal Dragons from this world and to liberate both the Dragons... more info

Story about: fantasy., human girl, dragon

Ongoing: 18 Feb 30 pages
62 5 0

Rating: 1

#1331 in Romance
#187 in Paranormal Romance
#414 in Fantasy
#201 in Romantic fantasy

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