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Booknet Stories: forbiddenlove. Best in genre

Stories: forbiddenlove. Best in genre

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Book cover "Billionaire's Intense Love "
Nathan Edward, the billionaire heir got back to his family after completing his studies. His family wanted him to marry Katrina, the daughter of their business partner before getting him joining to business. It was supposed to be good for their business and it was enough for Nathan to agree with thi...
28 569
171 pp.
Book cover "Sweet Vengeance"
Sasha is left confused when she is kidnapped. Who would kidnap a free-lance columnist with no enmity with anyone? She is still more confused when she finds herself attracted to the boss of the kidnappers, drawn to his mesmerizing eyes. Who is he and what does he want from her? Why does he kiss her s...
1 964
57 pp.
Book cover "Sweet Interlude"
Divya had loved Madhav at first sight, but he belonged to another woman. Also, her family hated him with a vengeance. What happens when he turns up as her boss and she is forced to work in close proximity with him? Will he ever notice her, or will she be forever cursed to live with her unrequited lo...
1 966
70 pp.
Book cover "Ignited Passions"
Michael Kane is making plans to commit to his pregnant fiancee out of honor when he lands his dream job, only to find himself deeply attracted to his new boss in ways that would be termed sinful. Katrina MacDaniels is a married woman who desires nothing more than to have a child, the sanctuary of...
7 274
173 pp.
Book cover "You were always mine."
Yolanda's long time boyfriend, Frank, cheated on her with his beautiful married boss. She decided to report the two to the woman's husband and ask for help to make the two suffer. Things goes out of her original plan when she man who was supposed to help her moves into her tiny house without permiss...
29 175
151 pp.
Book cover "Amidst love and heartbreak"
What would you do if life and circumstances forbade you to follow your true love? What would you do if someone Broke your heart into a million pieces? Maggie turned this heartbreaking experience into something that makes everyone happy. She is a best selling novelist that writes nothing but love st...
4 224
199 pp.
Book cover "Milas game"
The Big City welcomes everyone who crosses its asphalt threshold. But the rules of survival in this metropolis are cruel and difficult, not everyone can master them. Mila took a risk and came to this strange and unknown jungle. And here she began her dangerous game. A game whose rules she doesn't kn...
In progress: 04 Jan
35 pp.
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