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Billionaire's Intense Love

Hasna Hena

Nathan Edward, the billionaire heir got back to his family after completing his studies. His family wanted him to marry Katrina, the daughter of their business partner before getting him joining to business. It was supposed to be good for their business and it was enough for Nathan to agree with thi... more info

Story about: forbidenlove, billionaire heir, poorgirl

Ongoing: 14 Jun 55 pages
4811 256

Rating: 40

#96 in Romance
#25 in Contemporary Romance
#59 in Billionaires


Tempting My Professor

Tania Shava

Rose Hyland is twenty-nine years old when she gets a job at White Mountain College. She is not from the town but when her mom arranges for her to stay at one of her friend's places who has a son named Ryder. Ryder is twenty and also attends the same college that Rose got the job at, he is popular an... more info

Story about: romance, forbidenlove, age gap romance

Ongoing: 13 Jun 13 pages
2573 163

Rating: 28

#130 in Romance
#79 in Billionaires

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