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Separated In Love


"I cannot erase you from my heart" Mae King is a 22 year old Computer Science final year student. She's from a very rich home, popular at school, drives the latest cars, travels the world for vacation, has the bestest friend, Ava Quinn. Her life is pretty perfect. Ryan Black, popular kid at ... more info

Story about: marriage, friendship and family, romance love seduction

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Product of Culture Book 1 With Author Notes


The intertwined lives and generations of a family and its heritage. Their emotions, loves, tragedies, successes, and the mysteries behind them. Can you unravel their personalities? Can you make the connections? And more importantly, can you answer the question, Who are the Colesmiths?... more info

Story about: wisdom, friendship and family, profession and status

Ongoing: 30 Dec 60 pages
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