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His Heart Of Mine


Vienna Adkins has it all. That is on the outside. On the outside, Vienna is happy, together, has a steady job and seems perfect in her little bubble. However, on the inside Vienna is harboring a secret that could threaten her friendship with her best friend; She's in love with him. Colten Cook i... more info

Story about: friendship, gay, friendtolovers

Ongoing: 08 Aug 39 pages
1102 70

Rating: 10

#11 in Contemporary fiction
#6 in ChickLit
#224 in Romance


Best Friends


Two best friends, inseparable since kindergarten . Now they took the first flight , into the real world . Their friendship was divine and pure . But in this real world things are going to change ...... To reach their cherished dreams and aim in life , their friendship... more info

Story about: love, friendship, love and heartbreak

Ongoing: 31 Jul 478 pages
20273 257

Rating: 49

#612 in Romance
#159 in Contemporary Romance
#39 in New Adult & College


Until I Met You

Harshini Vaskan

Every person's life is a train journey. Not all who board the train stay till the end. They get down at their stations. May be some get into the train late but they never get down. Lucky are those who get their loved ones to stay with them together till they reach their last station... Love was j... more info

Story about: love, friendship, collegeromance

Complete 98 pages
112058 2025

Rating: 169

#1328 in Romance
#188 in Romantic suspense
#90 in New Adult & College


Trust me


“Marry my sister”, was the word that came from his friend when he met him after 15 years. This marriage breaks some relationships and also mends some relationships. Will VikramAditya and Priyanshi navigate their relationships admist betrayal, trust , friendships and take their relationship to t... more info

Story about: betrayal, friendship, arranged marriage

Ongoing: 16 Jul 111 pages
1910 57

Rating: 4

#1367 in Romance
#621 in Billionaires
#308 in Contemporary Romance


My Angel's sacrifice


Tyler a quiet guy from a small town found a friend in the presence of Harry, Tyler is a reserved, shy, intelligent guy, and scared with a lot of things while Harry is Mr. Popular, the adventurous one. Two different individuals with one common destiny and that is to protect each other. How can they c... more info

Story about: angels, friendship, love and sacrifice

Complete 27 pages
1216 28

Rating: 26

#456 in Mystery
#240 in Supernaturals


Letters from bruises 9


Enjoying my last bit of the reality check with my Pen Pal's and I were out there will be more books similar to those coming up called Crystal collector ladders and maybe another set of three. This is my last of the Pen Pal and Mayham under the name bruises so enjoy it while it lasts this is the last... more info

Story about: ptsd and stress, penpal, friendship

Complete 16 pages
421 10

Rating: 0

#203 in Contemporary fiction
#95 in ChickLit
#291 in Others
#103 in Humor


Letters from a crystal hunter 4


More letters from Loudly to give inside and my actual life and mentality in real life. Found these fictitious letters and you'll know what Lily or me Hass to deal with every day and what we don't have to deal with on your occasion. Filled with wisdom and knowledge as well as humour this is the best ... more info

Story about: life, friendship, ptsd and stress

Complete 18 pages
519 10

Rating: 0

#198 in Contemporary fiction
#91 in ChickLit
#281 in Others
#98 in Humor


The Bridge To My Heart.

MariaLouise (ChocolateStrawBerries)

Savannah Hazard never felt complete. She grew up in her three story country styled house with her family, she never had any friends and never seemed to need any, because nothing mattered But soon, when Leon shows up new at her school, she realize that something about talking to him did matter, to ... more info

Story about: love, friendship, findinghappiness

Ongoing: 29 Jun 47 pages
614 62

Rating: 10

#165 in Young adult
#1818 in Romance
#70 in Inspiration romance


Hogwarts. New generation

Olga Jones

Fan fiction around the world of Harry Potter. I want to try to continue this story. Years have passed. The exploits of the golden trio have already become like legends, and the school of sorcery continues to accept new students into its walls. How will their story turn out and will they have new en... more info

Story about: magic, fantasy, friendship

Ongoing: 10 Aug 16 pages
72 4

Rating: 3

#56 in Fanfiction
#321 in Fantasy
#19 in Action fantasy


Colourland Part 2: Attack of the Smithson Family


The Bear have sent in the Smithsons, three of the most ruthless fighters who want to destroy the romance between Crayon and Colourea. ... more info

Story about: fiction, fighting, friendship

Complete 48 pages
357 1

Rating: 1

#2448 in Fantasy
#148 in Action & Adventures


Dejected (short story)


Avery Jones is your average 17 year old, teenage girl who falls for the first time in her life despite being warned by her best friend, for her cousin, Baron Williams at first sight. He loved her just like she loved him. She thought they were destined to be togther but guess the things didn't happen... more info

Story about: romance, teenage love, friendship

Complete 71 pages
4620 115

Rating: 12

#443 in Short stories
#7625 in Romance


Somethin' missing Is it love in pain or pain in love?


College life is one of the best times to gather memories. But what if the memories get mixed with pain and love. Diya was a girl who came with dreams to enjoy college life to the fullest with her best friend. Life is full of miracles they say and that became true for her when she encountered him! Ev... more info

Story about: friendship, pain of love, college romance and music

Complete 93 pages
3715 208

Rating: 8

#7423 in Romance
#1008 in Romantic suspense
#621 in New Adult & College


A long drive


I wrote a short story while remembering a trip.... more info

Story about: friendship, trip, feelings untold

Complete 2 pages
127 4

Rating: 1

#510 in Others
#154 in Non-fiction


Letters from a crystal hunter


These are my compilation of letters that I accumulated over a week or so and I rage about my life and daily life this is a new series so this will be under a new name martini instead of bruises. This is what it’s like in my life for martinis life if you want to be more fictional about it. Hope you... more info

Story about: ptsd, friendship, penpals

Complete 18 pages
588 10

Rating: 0

#202 in Contemporary fiction
#94 in ChickLit
#287 in Others
#101 in Humor


Maybe it's her...

Aysha Tanveer

A story about a trio. A cute love story between main lead Danny and scarlet. Scarlet a transfer student and Danny a popular basketball player who fall for Scarlet. And a second lead couple Lucas and Lia. Both wealth but having a hard time. To find their love. ... more info

Story about: drama, friendship, romace comedy

Ongoing: 14 Jun 4 pages
121 23

Rating: 2

#1727 in Romance
#154 in Young adult
#60 in School


The Speed Date Disaster


It's Valentine's Day and my best friend talks me into going to a Speed Dating Event on our college campus. What could go wrong, right? Perhaps I'm just a little gun shy as I am notorious for picking the wrong men to date, but it's better then spending Valentine's Day alone, or at least I hope it ... more info

Story about: love, dating, friendship

Complete 14 pages
2777 320

Rating: 44

#8369 in Romance
#750 in New Adult & College


Echoes Of Darkness

Gegi Mei

Here we follow the footsteps of Adrian Addams, an orphan, a loner, a night crawler to the core who works for Jordan Cromwell, the city's most influential man's son. The city is going through some changes after 33 years of the separation, and Adrian is caught right in the middle of it. He's accust... more info

Story about: mystery, friendship, murder

Complete 115 pages
6830 352

Rating: 34

#857 in Thrillers & Suspense
#213 in Crime fiction
#942 in Young adult
#56 in Dystopia


Becoming Me (gxg)


It only took her a day to replace me and a month longer to erase me completely. She was the protagonist of my story. She was the soulmate of my girlfriend. She was a better friend to my best friends. She did all this without trying. She did this to show me that I had never been me, to begin with...... more info

Story about: friendship, lgbt, selflove

Complete 33 pages
2295 243

Rating: 10

#7541 in Romance
#353 in LGBT
#423 in Short stories


They're Trouble


Elly isn't shy. She is smart, troublesome and loud, but in a good way. She's basically a tomboy, loves playing sport and also a street fighter. She just moved to Colorado from Kansas with her mom after the death of her father, deciding to finish high school there. Meet Mike, he's what you call a... more info

Story about: love, friendship, family

Complete 201 pages
35690 408

Rating: 54

#723 in Young adult
#6118 in Romance

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