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Make your Lemonade


Dylan is your run of the mill, popular stereotypical jock. Unless that's what he wants everyone to think. There is more to him than meets the eye and Juno is one of the first people to realize that. He slowly finds himself starting to like her but he's not the only one. Elliot is a bit insecure a... more info

Story about: bwwm, highschool, school romance

Ongoing: 28 May 6 pages
69 29 3

Rating: 5

#18 in Young adult
#8 in School
#121 in Romance
#26 in Contemporary Romance


The Lonely Medium

PJ Lowry

Ever since he was young, Dillon MacDonald could speak to the spirits of those who had passed on. He never told anyone or did anything with his gift, until he became desperate...... more info

Story about: ghosts, highschool, spirits

Ongoing: 17 May 13 pages
112 38 1

Rating: 1

#31 in Contemporary fiction
#7 in Urban life
#6 in Horror
#6 in Paranormal


Love with some drama


Don't we all love to be in a happy love story? But how far can it be happy? A little touch of drama is mandatory in every love story. Will Adrian and Katherine have the perfect love story? Or will Olivia destroy what they have??. Read and find out in #lovewithsomedrama (Ongoing)❤️... more info

Story about: highschoollove, highschool, drama and love

Ongoing: 23 Apr 70 pages
1482 86 0

Rating: 6

#368 in Romance
#57 in Romantic suspense

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