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Illegal and Sweet

Gacrux Lume (itsocks)

Venus Miller illegally takes pictures of the guy who, in addition to having won two consecutive nationals in swimming, is the most popular guy in the university. She just sells them and that's how she makes easy money. When she started in the business her goal was to buy a new lens for her camera... more info

Story about: humor, forbidden love, desire

Ongoing: 09 May 17 pages
3628 322 9

Rating: 26

#103 in Romance
#22 in New Adult & College




UNEDITED. Once upon a time, Sandra and Raymond dated and, although difficult, things seemed well and happy on the surface. Nonetheless, that came to an abrupt and unannounced end that left Sandra bitter and heartbroken. Now, years after, life will bring Sandra and Ray face to face again for a... more info

Story about: humor, love sucks, romance suspense heartbreak

Ongoing: 21 May 271 pages
11715 277 27

Rating: 25

#172 in Romance
#37 in Contemporary Romance
#9 in Others
#7 in Humor


Babies Marks

Benn. C

Ashanti has been in love with Asher Jay Miller for as long as she can remember, even though they have nothing close to a friendship. When his older brother, her University classmate and the bane of her existence, tells her he knows- he blackmails her into attending a Spring break holiday in Mexico w... more info

Story about: humor, college pregnancy, new adult & college

Ongoing: 06 Apr 211 pages
17608 203 56

Rating: 22

#29 in Others
#14 in Humor
#239 in Romance


It Started At The Bus Stop

Sheetal Dubey

Seventeen years old, Sherline Emerson is trying to be as happy as her inner chaos let her. She's trying her best to be a teenage girl who wants to complete her highschool and enjoy her life with her family and friends. But it's harder to do than try when "that" day still haunts her in the night ... more info

Story about: love, teenfiction, humor

Ongoing: 15 Apr 14 pages
330 63 4

Rating: 10

#222 in Romance
#32 in Young adult


Learning By Doing (the Humorous Glimps of Human Being)

The Fickle minded

Committing mistakes are inevitable in the daily encounters of our life. Errors can taught us and we learn from it. We err either funny or embarrassing but we became more aware. This book would like to take you to experiences that you might have met once in your life. A make up stories? NO. They ar... more info

Story about: humor, reality, errors and experiences

Ongoing: 23 May 15 pages
180 12 2

Rating: 1

#352 in Romance
#21 in LGBT
#68 in Young adult

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