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The Fake Marriage

Shana Scarlet

Rina is very happy for her best friend that finally she got married to the love of her life. After being betrayed by her boyfriend Eros, she has lost her hope to fall in love again. She doesn't want any love relationship. But suddenly at her best friend's wedding "Be my girlfriend" the biggest playb... more info

Story about: romance, humor, fake relationship

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Rating: 415

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Isha Jain

Pearl is stuck in a relationship with a ruthless billionaire. John is stuck with a person he sees no future with. What happens when they find each other? They know they should not fall for each other. Yet they can't help themselves. It doesn't really help that they decide to go away for a month ... more info

Story about: humor, romace, forbiddenromance

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Rating: 37

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#63 in Contemporary fiction


Rose Red

Stephanie Van Orman

You can't buy a girl! But in the year 2214, you can. She can whip you into shape, design your diet, be your personal stylist, and turn you from geek to chic in just one year. After buying a model at Sleeping Beauty Inc. your life will never be the same. But what will happen when the model Ha... more info

Story about: romance, science fiction, humor

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Rating: 17

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The Proposal

Isha Jain

"Why would you hurt me like this, Nick? I had finally learned to live again." "I am sorry..." "Get out." Eden and Nicholas set relationship goals for the world in their two years of bliss. When life separated them bitterly, they knew they had no choice but to move on. Eden created her company ... more info

Story about: humor, billionaire, billionaireromance

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Rating: 259

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Living with four hot billionaire's

Bright Wilfred

Bright Amos never planned on getting kidnapped, the only thing she ever planned on was to go back to Nigeria, her home country and write the god-damned exam (waec) but what happens when life decides to rip off your plans and throw them away then make a new plan for you, I'll tell you what happens, y... more info

Story about: humor, billionaires, crazy girl

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Rating: 79

#5986 in Romance
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Reunion Of Souls


Two persons who were in the same situations fell in love with each and was separated by time. Finally meet each other again.. Will they fall in love with each other again? That too without remembering their love for each other or worse they don't even remember each other. And also now they bot... more info

Story about: humor, care, long lost love

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Rating: 19

#341 in Mystery
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Morning: 22nd Century


2119. A business trip to a distant floating island turned into a detective adventure. Gamma's day began as an ordinary day of the 22nd century, but soon unusual events immediately were happening, which she urgently had to deal with. Gamma meets with different people, and at the same time she tries t... more info

Story about: humor, adventure

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Rating: 7

#1984 in Fantasy
#634 in Thrillers & Suspense
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Angela's Glance

Normal Glad

This is a story about a girl named Angela who is just 17 who always fails to accomplish her dream of baking, she also has a part time job in her father's bakery, (BLURB:Angela finally bakes the cake but those it on judge s face and was thrown out if the competition) and this book also focuses on he... more info

Story about: billionaire, dream, humor

Ongoing: 10 Jun 29 pages
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Rating: 17

#329 in Young adult
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Letters from bruises 4


More pen paling fun and mayhem that will either will make you laugh or cry either way, there will be more wisdom and insight to the world by my eyes and world enjoy reading the book. Think 3 was the end way. It was just the beginning ... more info

Story about: penpals, ptsd and mental health, humor

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Rating: 0

#195 in Contemporary fiction
#88 in ChickLit
#261 in Others
#100 in Humor


In love with my Reader

Lyn Raiter

Raul is a young man who is madly in love with the reader and desperate for her attention. His rivalry against the secondary character extends throughout all the chapters where both compete for the reader's love.... more info

Story about: comedy romance, humor and love, humor

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Rating: 4

#172 in Others
#66 in Humor
#2265 in Romance
#442 in Contemporary Romance


Overthinking things


Cami was a rich kid who liked to never listen to her dad. She knew she needed to break out of the chains that she was put in for being the top businessman's daughter. The only thing she didn't know was how much of trouble she could get in because of her writer's imagination when she decided to ditch... more info

Story about: humor, short story, inner thoughts

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Rating: 27

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#234 in Humor


My Women's Day Present

Sandra Bouchard

Women’s Day, to put it mildly, was a bad day. Long story short, I fell off the balcony straight into the arms of a madman. Then he suddenly decided, “The one who caught prey will take it”. Believe that? This asshole followed me around all the time, acting as we were a married couple. Argh! I ... more info

Story about: humor, from hate to love, domineering hero

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Rating: 37

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