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Booknet Stories: india. Best in genre

Stories: india. Best in genre

2 books
Book cover "I Still Love You"
Murali, a Software Engineer at Hyderabad, loses his girlfriend in an accident, but later falls in love with Pratibha who is also a Software Engineer. But Pratibha is already in love with her boyfriend Rahul, but she keeps this information from Murali secret not to hurt his sentiments. When Murali...
Story about: romance, india, love story
25 580
201 pp.
Book cover "Mystery of the Blue Mountain"
Mostly based on a diary. Extraordinary events and personalities. Travel to India and its mystical places. Sergey Tsarev is a secret service agent. A drug cartel offers 5 million dollars for his head. The Russian division of the Interpol hides him in a group of pilgrims heading to India. There, Serge...
Story about: mysticism, india, adventures
43 988
543 pp.
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