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Falling in Love


"Love... a four letter word, it's so small but yet is holds so much in it." Ryan Nelson, a boy pulled in so many different directions that he has lost his way in life and is beginning to lose his will to live. Neal Ross, a boy who found his red string of fate but didn't know if he should follow ... more info

Story about: romance, boyxboy, lgbt love

Ongoing: 09 Jul 71 pages
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Rating: 9

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#7 in LGBT


Just Friends


They've been best friends since forever. The best friends. The kind that laughs together even after the teacher told them to stop. That stay home just to watch TV together. The type of friends that pretend to be dating even though they're just friends. But that can change. ******** When Jul... more info

Story about: friendship, mentalhealth, lgbt love

Ongoing: 27 Jun 8 pages
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