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Mr. Cobblepot

16 year old Graham Norris relocates to the small town of Wildthyme with mom and Autistic brother to escape his abusive stepdad. His grandmother, Ginerva is happy to take them in, but is harbouring secrets of her own. When Graham meets the enigmatic Erasmus, a door is opened up to a world that he nev... more info

Story about: romance, supernatural, lgbt

Complete 327 pages
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Rating: 35

#781 in Romance
#26 in LGBT
#51 in Mystery
#23 in Supernaturals


Becoming Me (gxg)


It only took her a day to replace me and a month longer to erase me completely. She was the protagonist of my story. She was the soulmate of my girlfriend. She was a better friend to my best friends. She did all this without trying. She did this to show me that I had never been me, to begin with...... more info

Story about: friendship, lgbt, selflove

Complete 33 pages
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Rating: 9

#990 in Romance
#49 in LGBT
#28 in Short stories


My Mojo

funlynry Galquotes

A queer wild girl pursues the wife of a rich man's son endlessly until all she wants is her. it all started with a bet with her boys.. she losing a bet and being dared to do some break in... then love struck her at one sign sight. ... more info

Story about: drama and romance, lesbianfiction, lgbt

Ongoing: 13 Feb 7 pages
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Rating: 0

#158 in Fantasy
#83 in Romantic fantasy
#855 in Romance
#31 in LGBT


On The Ledge


15 year-old Sam Robinson has it all. A cool girlfriend, nice family, expensive house with a pool, popularity at school. All of those things matter to him until the day he meets Bradley who turns his entire life upside down. Sam comes face to face with his greatest fears. The fear of not being accept... more info

Story about: boy next door, coming of age, lgbt

Complete 130 pages
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Rating: 16

#4650 in Romance
#714 in Young adult


The Chronicles of Love [bxb Short Stories Collection]


Collections of 3 BxB short stories/Novellas: 1. Evergreen: a romance between a mental instability patient and a psychiatrist who meets when the former jumps off the bridge, trying to commit suicide. 2. 100% MATCH: a sci-fi romance where marriage doesn't happen due to love or feelings. People... more info

Story about: science fiction, lgbt, mermaid

Ongoing: 30 Dec 51 pages
834 33 0

Rating: 4

#2103 in Romance
#118 in LGBT
#93 in Short stories

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