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His Sexy Lady

Chalista Saquile

At first, Avery's married life went fine, but Avery felt strange about Laiv's habit of always touching her when the lights went out. And in the midst of her hesitation due to her unusual married life, a man who is the owner of a well-known agency in LA, Leander Straight, suddenly breaks Avery's hear... more info

Story about: romance life, lies and secrets, billionare love

Complete 381 pages
6474 149 10

Rating: 11

#387 in Romance
#231 in Billionaires



Olivia Gordon Reid

My name is Ava Carter. That's all I know. Because when I wake up in an alley, scarred, naked, and alone, that's the only thing I remember. All of my memories are foggy and jumbled, coming to me in fragments. The only thing I'm able to see is a memory of a man. Something tells me he’s important, th... more info

Story about: angels and demons, lies and secrets, good versus evil

Ongoing: 22 Jan 80 pages
238 22 4

Rating: 8

#54 in Mystery
#94 in Fantasy
#5 in Epic fantasy


Color Me

Didi Den

Didi a member of a secret government organization that protects humans from harmful aliens gets handed a serious task, the only thing that came to mind was to make sure everything went down perfectly. But when Jasper comes in earlier then expected after an accident with his younger sister, secrets ... more info

Story about: aliens, fatedlove, lies and secrets

Ongoing: 02 Jan 18 pages
91 12 0

Rating: 1

#14 in Science fiction
#1421 in Romance
#94 in Paranormal Romance

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