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Midsummer is Full of Love ~ Avisha

Barsha Das

DAILY UPDATE My novel is about a Punjabi boy Avira & bong girl Tanisha. They used to be childhood sweethearts & possessive about each other. Although Avi is best friend of Tani's brother Sayan but he ended up be with her.Due to some reasons Avi & Tani drifted apart. As the novel will p... more info

Story about: drama and suspense, love and acceptance, contractmarriage

Ongoing: 12 Jun 21 pages
169 13

Rating: 1

#37 in Contemporary fiction
#23 in ChickLit
#619 in Romance
#151 in Contemporary Romance


Desiring Love

Chiazor Joy

Being unfortunate from birth and through out her life till her adulthood, Rita had no idea what it meant to love or to be loved; till David came into her life and awakened the desire within her.... more info

Story about: love and romance, love and acceptance, love and affection

Ongoing: 30 May 11 pages
67 13

Rating: 2

#1347 in Romance
#62 in Inspiration romance
#292 in Contemporary Romance


How to love his brother

S V Keeper

Lost her dream, business, a friend and a lover, Rara Wang decided to leave the city and become a farmer. Working in the field she loves and in fields of nature are two very different task, but that's all what is it in her list or so she thought until, she had to look after his little brother.... more info

Story about: love and acceptance, dream and ambition, rural life

Ongoing: 19 Apr 12 pages
420 53

Rating: 7

#1857 in Romance
#370 in Contemporary Romance

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