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Is it okay to love you

Kehinde Jayeoba

Chad is the only male child of the Dawson empire and the richest in the whole country. He is caring and easy to truth others. He has a problem where he can't have a close contact with any girl. But when Anna appeared with her charm he find himself wanting to own her and not let go Anna is a very ... more info

Story about: love and hate

Ongoing: 22 Sep 12 pages
73 10 2

Rating: 11

#737 in Romance
#156 in Contemporary Romance


Chosen to be a Princess.


A princess who born in small town with big dreams. it's not easy for her to pass through each milestone because as a princess she needs to be perfect. she learnt a lot from her parents. she never asked for any support, nothing.., its just her struggle. she is a princess but in her way she wanted to ... more info

Story about: betrayal, princess, love and hate

Ongoing: 19 Oct 180 pages
2421 45 11

Rating: 2

#313 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2306 in Romance

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