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Booknet Stories: love and romance. Best in genre

Stories: love and romance. Best in genre

3 books
Book cover "My Ruthless Vampire Lover "
Clara Shawn wasn't one to regularly attend parties, she was a simple human girl that preferred to stay in and read a reasonable romance novel. However her roommate, Lydia, was quite the opposite and when she dragged Clara to this mysterious party outside campus, it brought Clara to the extremely ha...
12 318
123 pp.
Book cover "6 Months With Mr Popular"
Jane parker, the school's nerd hears a shocking news that she has only 6 months to live. She had her six months planned out but Jane's plan changes when the school's Mr. Popular and twin brother comes into her life, with pranks, romance, a lot of sarcasm, games and friends. Jane is surely gonna ha...
79 466
113 pp.
Book cover "The Guest House Witch"
Some hatred doesn’t fade with the passage of time… Sage Rosewood’s heart nearly stops when she arrives home to find the front door of her house open. Someone has been inside, someone supernatural with a grudge against her and her family. But this unfortunate day takes an even darker turn wh...
2 099
92 pp.
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