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Her Sacrifice

Payal Mandal

Amber, the most powerful witch of her coven fell in love with a sad gloomy human, Brian, who doesn't even know why he is in such misery. But, what they are unaware of is that their love isn't something the other witches want, yet she loved him with whatever she had. But their destiny had other plan... more info

Story about: fantasy, witches and magic, love and sacrifice

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Rating: 148

#593 in Romance
#32 in Paranormal Romance
#84 in Fantasy


Heart's fire 3

Sonita Olise

After loosing her sister in the hands of Mr Ajay, Lisa must now found the next person who gunned for her life, someone close, someone she once called a dear friend!! can she be able to?. heart's fire (3)... more info

Story about: love and hate, love and sacrifice, love romance

Complete 54 pages
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Rating: 12

#918 in Romance
#432 in Billionaires


My Angel's sacrifice


Tyler a quiet guy from a small town found a friend in the presence of Harry, Tyler is a reserved, shy, intelligent guy, and scared with a lot of things while Harry is Mr. Popular, the adventurous one. Two different individuals with one common destiny and that is to protect each other. How can they c... more info

Story about: angels, friendship, love and sacrifice

Complete 27 pages
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Rating: 25

#438 in Mystery
#240 in Supernaturals


Beautiful Addiction

Maureen Mutahi

The bird was always chased off by the owner to room freely the but still never wanted to leave and now that the owner is finally arms open ready to extort every valuable feather off the bird’s skin, the bird gladly got into the house as the door is locks meaning the bird is nowhere but in its own ... more info

Story about: love and how it makes us feel, love and sacrifice, broken and revenge

Ongoing: 27 Jun 17 pages
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Rating: 1

#440 in Fantasy
#212 in Romantic fantasy
#180 in Thrillers & Suspense

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