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The bride of the billionaire

Wild Celo

About Raze, a secret billionaire who can get everything he wants but still, he feel something incomplete that he have to search for it. His smile fades when his brother died because of accident and his parents put him all the blame, that hurts him so much! That's his loss too. He owns clothi... more info

Story about: billionaireromance, billionaire love, love story

Ongoing: 21 Sep 20 pages
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Rating: 19

#102 in Romance
#64 in Billionaires


Wilderness in Paradise


Dean the CEO of a well known multibillion company and son of a rich popular man is faced with the biggest dilemma of his life when he has two women at his disposal. One is his newly appointed househelp and the other is a lady claiming to be pregnant for him. While he persues a relationship with Aman... more info

Story about: love story, loveatfirstsight, blackmail

Complete 134 pages
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Rating: 4

#328 in Romance
#156 in Billionaires
#51 in Romantic suspense


I Still Love You

Vijay Kerji

Murali, a Software Engineer at Hyderabad, loses his girlfriend in an accident, but later falls in love with Pratibha who is also a Software Engineer. But Pratibha is already in love with her boyfriend Rahul, but she keeps this information from Murali secret not to hurt his sentiments. When Murali... more info

Story about: romance, india, love story

Complete 201 pages
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Rating: 26

#368 in Romance
#91 in Contemporary Romance


Lover's Courage

Vijay Kerji

Vivek and Snehal fall in love with each other after he hires Snehal to teach students in his educational institution. But Snehal is already engaged to Ranjit and her parents insist she gets married to Ranjit. Will Vivek and Snehal find enough courage to battle for their union in spite of their elder... more info

Story about: romance, love story, indian

Complete 188 pages
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Rating: 18

#460 in Romance
#113 in Contemporary Romance


Love - Beautiful? Or Complicated?

Tales by Newbie

A crazy, fun-loving, naughty girl from an orthodox joint family starts loving someone. She manages to hide her relationship from everyone for over 8 years, she believes that love is beautiful. She is unaware of what life has in store for her in future. The Story begins... A girl is writing so... more info

Story about: secret relationship, love story, romance

Ongoing: 24 Sep 13 pages
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Rating: 0

#462 in Romance
#28 in Inspiration romance
#115 in Contemporary Romance


Love is Blind

Vijay Kerji

Niranjan, a software engineer from India goes to the USA to work for his client, General Electric. His Niranjan, a Software Engineer goes, to America on an assignment, and meets an American girl, Jennifer. They fall in love with each other and travel to different tourist places across the east coast... more info

Story about: love story, romance

Ongoing: 20 Sep 17 pages
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Rating: 3

#513 in Romance
#122 in Contemporary Romance


Change of Heart

Vijay Kerji

Vasant and Apsara are in love with each other. Vasant decides to meet her parents to seek her hand in the marriage, but Apsara's father challenges him to elevate his status and earn more. But when Vasant accepts the challenge and joins a software company, something else awaits his life. Will they be... more info

Story about: indian romance, love story, betrayal

Complete 9 pages
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Rating: 8

#1783 in Romance
#262 in Romantic suspense

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