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Love Again


Serene and Bryan were deeply in love and there is nothing more she could ask for. She has planned her future around him, but Fate has other plans for them. Serene found Bryan pleasuring another man whom he eventually marries leaving Serene dejected and hurt. Trying to move on from this heartbreak,... more info

Story about: love triangle, steamy romance, secondchance

Ongoing: 15 Jun 168 pages
4307 288

Rating: 40

#104 in Romance
#28 in Contemporary Romance

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His Love & Hate

Varshitha Kancharla

“Please Ian. Please. Leave him.” I sobbed hitting his hard chest. “I’ll do whatever you want. Please leave him.” I fell on my knees and cupped my face. He knelt down on one leg and gripped my chin. “Look at me.” He ordered. I continued sobbing without listening to him. “LOO... more info

Story about: revenge, billionaire, love triangle

Complete 253 pages
212398 1759

Rating: 459

#281 in Romance
#173 in Billionaires
#51 in Romantic suspense


For Better Or Worse

Whitney Bridge

Adelynn is forced to marry a CEO's son in order to clear off her father's huge debts. Six months into their marriage, she encounters her exboyfriend, Jensen. Old feelings return, sparks ignite and soon she's falling in love with him all over again. With her married to a possessive man who has fe... more info

Story about: forbidden love, love triangle, extramaritalaffair

Complete 25 pages
1143 93

Rating: 20

#549 in Romance
#133 in Contemporary Romance
#300 in Billionaires

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In Love With My Billionaire Best friend

Godiva Gilbert

Ryan Philips and Pamela Monday have loved each other since they could imagine but neither of them had the courage to say it out loud. Now Ryan is a billionaire and is stuck with Vanessa. What would become of their love when Vanessa suddenly announces that she is pregnant for Ryan and somehow gets ... more info

Story about: love triangle, billionaire, love

Complete 130 pages
32299 858

Rating: 103

#654 in Romance
#351 in Billionaires


Seeing You (english)


This is a story of a girl with different eyes from the others. She can see right through almost everything. Her eyes can see many things that cannot be explained by what our simple eyes can. She’s studying in her school as the president of the student council, then one day, met a guy who is stu... more info

Story about: love triangle, childhood lovers, eyes

Complete 15 pages
59 4

Rating: 2

#50 in Mystery
#27 in Romantic mystery
#156 in Fantasy
#86 in Romantic fantasy


Half of you, Vulcan!


The three ladies (his daughter, maid and lover) want a half of him, but seriously, who divides a half into three? * * * Athena has given her words to her father that Vulcan, the mortal is better than every god, Zeus, her father formed and proposed that she marry. Be... more info

Story about: magic, love triangle, amnesia

Ongoing: 08 Jun 87 pages
209 8

Rating: 4

#170 in Fantasy
#92 in Romantic fantasy


Her Chosen One


To love and be loved. That's all what Ayla Kingston wanted. But what happens when she harbours feelings for two people at once? The question is: will she get her heart broken or will she break someone else's heart? Klaus Anderson The ideal boyfriend who has all eyes for Ayla, who helps him fight his... more info

Story about: love triangle, best friends, cheating

Complete 97 pages
13218 445

Rating: 31

#3850 in Romance
#317 in New Adult & College


Daughter of the Devil

Jessica Rupin

The second book to "The Guardians". You can find the first book, "The Guardians" in the anystories app. Despite her best efforts to change her doomed fate, Jessica Valdemeire becomes the cause of the destruction of the world just as the prophecy had foretold. Appalled by her actions and torn betwe... more info

Story about: love triangle, the guardians book 2, sects

Ongoing: 22 May 68 pages
618 25

Rating: 11

#959 in Fantasy
#461 in Romantic fantasy
#2563 in Romance
#463 in Paranormal Romance


A House With Heartthrobs


When Kaoree became orphaned due to the death of her parents she worked as a maid of five men. He fell in love with one of them but unexpectedly - whether they hide the past and forget it, there are people coming back to mess everything. Will they be able to overcome it because of the love, and fr... more info

Story about: love triangle, first crush, first love vs present

Ongoing: 26 May 41 pages
244 21

Rating: 5

#1482 in Romance
#152 in Young adult
#65 in School

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