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Bones in the box

Kat Thomas

She had every chance in life at her fingertips she finds that working in a museum was what she wanted to do. When her uncle helps her get the exhibit she wanted to work on she gets the gift of a lifetime, A mysterious extra box of bones. These bones show give her more than she even knew and she has... more info

Story about: after life, paranormal romance, love and romance

Complete 87 pages
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Rating: 10

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Romantic Ghost Love story

Love Heart

Darknight about two boy drink wine tasting in the car .... Whit cut men arms looking on Ghost.,.lady ghost mind full of Romantic mood...two boy one boy cut face and innocent speaking awesome arms...she is like it... When two boys wine drinking finish... They are going House... They are Best friends.... more info

Story about: love and romance, love after marriage, love lust love story

Ongoing: 03 Oct 2 pages
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Rating: 3

#1100 in Romance
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Frias. An ancient, small medieval town where courtship is a timeless tradition, and selfless love of marriage is considered a sacred union. A place where families leave a lasting legacy that continues from generation to generation. But, when a brash and charming Spanish Lothario who easily cruises h... more info

Story about: selfdiscovery, newadult, love and romance

Ongoing: 01 Sep 109 pages
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Rating: 3

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Matched With A School Weirdo


"Now you are my girlfriend." "What?" I jolt up my head, shocked by such a declare and then stammer. "But it is not how it works." Peeved at his repetitive mantra, I manage to raise my tone at him, despite my principle to always treat people with respect. "I don't need a psychopathic self-proclai... more info

Story about: high school romance, lovestory, love and romance

Ongoing: 18 Oct 27 pages
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Rating: 14

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#7 in Inspiration romance
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