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Innocent Heart

Ayesha DA

He said smiling "You stop worrying about your sister and worry about yourself. You have said that today is my marriage but I have made a slight change in it." "What change" she asked. She was not getting good vibes from him. "It is true that today I am getting married but not with Mahi but with yo... more info

Story about: revenge, loveatfirstsight, hatetolove

Ongoing: 09 Aug 129 pages
14350 1039

Rating: 176

#2 in Fantasy
#1 in Romantic fantasy
#2 in Young adult
#1 in School


Vow to Hate you


“Are you sure about this, Kabir?” Ayaan asked. “Yes.” “Dad won’t be happy if he gets a hint of what you are doing,” he said again. “He won’t be happy with me anyway,” Kabir said, taking a long drag aof his cigarette before crushing it under his shoes. His emerald orbs bu... more info

Story about: hatred, loveatfirstsight, revenge

Complete 156 pages
272164 4531

Rating: 1049

#227 in Romance
#34 in Romantic suspense
#114 in Billionaires


Wilderness in Paradise


Dean the CEO of a well known multibillion company and son of a rich popular man is faced with the biggest dilemma of his life when he has two women at his disposal. One is his newly appointed househelp and the other is a lady claiming to be pregnant for him. While he persues a relationship with Aman... more info

Story about: love story, loveatfirstsight, blackmail

Complete 134 pages
11094 195

Rating: 10

#7075 in Romance
#2695 in Billionaires
#960 in Romantic suspense


Jingle Bells

Aurora Bluemoon

Zara is diagnosed with psychosis who lives with her half-brother. Rugan and Zara is a newlywed couple on their way to an island for their honeymoon. Rugan planned to surprise Zara on an island in the name of a honeymoon in the motive to find a cure for her mental illness where a doctor agrees to tre... more info

Story about: mentalillness, loveatfirstsight, christmasmiracle

Complete 28 pages
440 11

Rating: 8

#300 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2523 in Romance
#469 in Contemporary Romance


Billionaire Ceo's Euphoria

Syanja J

Syanja eventually made a choice regarding her life after attempting numerous jobs and different careers. She waited for a chance while writing novels. One day, she received an email from a sizable business located distant from her hometown. She quickly accepted their offer and signed the contract wi... more info

Story about: family and friends, painful past, loveatfirstsight

Ongoing: 31 Jul 230 pages
3225 76

Rating: 12

#1888 in Romance
#750 in Billionaires
#74 in Inspiration romance

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