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Imperfect Hearts

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Oaklynn has graduated and Kylo's is now a larger than life celebrity. It seems like he's become more unattainable since their fallout. Especially after both their exes are pursuing them with the determination of a lion hunting a gazelle. Will true love prevail? Will they somehow find their way back ... more info

Story about: music, lovedrama, heartthrob

Ongoing: 18 Sep 187 pages
13328 745 271

Rating: 179

#70 in Romance
#8 in New Adult & College
#4 in Young adult


Lizzy in Service

Elly Higgins

It's 1908 England, A young woman, Elizabeth Ingram seeks income for her impoverished family. Her first experience with her employer has been laced with scandal but her Aunt helps secure her a position with Mr. Darius who irrepressibly straight-laced and unaware of her previous reputation. She falls ... more info

Story about: boss and secretary, lovedrama, scandal

Ongoing: 15 Sep 43 pages
1419 136 4

Rating: 7

#363 in Romance
#11 in Historical Romance
#24 in Inspiration romance


A Game of Hate


"Hatred destroys one" ; he remarked. "What good does love do?" ; I asked. What happens when someone goes too far to fulfill her desires? What happens when someone's hatred exceeds and breaks all its limits? What happens when someone chooses killing over forgiving? What happens when one has to... more info

Story about: revenge drugs killing gore thriller, lovedrama, harrasment and revenge

Ongoing: 31 Aug 2 pages
21 3 0

Rating: 0

#69 in Thrillers & Suspense
#13 in Action thriller

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