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His Loyal Servant


"We can't do this Ethan". I jerked away, my back hitting the wall. "And why can't we?" He asked watching me with his intimidating eyes. "Because I'm...." The words caught up in my throat when he took slow steps towards me. "Don't you dare say that word" he muttered colliding his lips with ... more info

Story about: romance, family and friends, lovestory

Complete 67 pages
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Rating: 266

#608 in Romance
#307 in Billionaires


His Cursed Mistress

Valerie Sax

She was kidnapped, tortured, and abused for saving the man she fell in love with. And now she found herself lost once again as she tried to find out her new identity. Is she going to accept the new beast growling inside her? Or she will reject it. She developed new powers where her dreams come tr... more info

Story about: lovestory, mystery thriller, werewolf alpha and mate

Complete 189 pages
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Rating: 213

#991 in Romance
#43 in Paranormal Romance
#7 in Horror
#7 in Paranormal


Smitten by the Billionaire's Son

CA Via

Claire always did excellent at school. Ethan is the heir of a multi-billion real estate company. When she was asked to be his after-school tutor, she was up to the task. When it comes to responsibilities, she always detached herself from personal emotions that might keep her from doing the best sh... more info

Story about: billionaire, lovestory

Complete 180 pages
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Rating: 47

#1277 in Romance
#583 in Billionaires
#302 in Contemporary Romance


Broken and torned

Hiraeth Faith

A girl’s thoughts is full of overthinking, worrying, and what ifs. It has never been easy for us. Here lies all our heartaches in the venture of love, a collection of different girls’ and their feelings. ... more info

Story about: romance, lovestory, broken

Ongoing: 27 Jul 45 pages
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Rating: 10

#47 in Short stories
#42 in Others
#8 in Poetry


Because Of Eden

Lily Rhodes (thelilyyouknow)

Eden Brooks, 19 is a pregnant christian girl who had nothing else in mind other than showing up at her brother's college unannounced to surprise him with a birthday cake. But she is in for a much bigger surprise when an impolite boy with the word 'trouble' taped to his forehead opens the door instea... more info

Story about: romance, redemption, lovestory

Ongoing: 15 Aug 0 pages
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Rating: 1

#1748 in Romance
#116 in New Adult & College
#140 in Young adult
#58 in School


Ruby Red

D L Croisette

Ali Stinson is a 24yr old who has locked her heart away while trying to recover from a cheating husband. A lavish lifestyle and seemingly endless supply of sexy men to play with are attempts to fill the void of her hollow life. Ali's plan to seduce the new pool boy goes awry and sets her on a path o... more info

Story about: strong female, lovestory, riches to rags

Complete 5 pages
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Rating: 12

#5794 in Romance
#370 in Contemporary fiction
#145 in ChickLit


The Khal's Bride

Junes Martha

Hamis, the only child of a potter is called the village beauty. The men swoon over her, and the girls envy her. In addition to her beauty, she is an untamable wild soul thirsty for knowledge and adventure. Her remarkable nature does not go well with her suitors trying to woo her especially during a ... more info

Story about: lovestory, historical fantasy, historicalfiction

Complete 126 pages
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Rating: 27

#3744 in Romance
#128 in Historical Romance
#1101 in Fantasy


A Perfect Match


At birth, you are born with a mark only one other person has in the entire world. Forever connecting you on a level nobody else knows. At Soul Link, a simple DNA test determines your complete one hundred percent match. In a world where many have taken their tests and who are with their other half... more info

Story about: lovestory, soulmate, dnatest

Ongoing: 03 Sep 3 pages
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Rating: 1

#1616 in Romance
#15 in Science fiction