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Taming Desire

Jane Guo

The last time I saw him, he was caught, handcuffed and being taken away. The last time I touched him was while I apologized for betraying him. The last I saw of him was before the elevator doors to his penthouse apartment closed, his signature smirk gracing his lips as I wept at the foyer. That w... more info

Story about: love, marriage of convenience, mafia boss

Ongoing: 17 Sep 145 pages
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Rating: 185

#149 in Romance
#84 in Billionaires
#19 in Romantic suspense


Black Xs


Katrina Volkov was forced to leave Angel city, the only home she ever knew. It was the only way to stop the nightmares. At the time, it was necessary, but there comes a time when you have to face the demons of your past. She came back home to Angel city only to witness the devil's work as he rip... more info

Story about: mafia boss, mafia, romance action humour

Ongoing: 21 Sep 111 pages
2458 146 66

Rating: 24

#226 in Romance
#15 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Crime fiction


Taming the Lady Tigress


Ryuu Mizushima is the leader of a mafia group 'Black Dragons'. Ryuu is careful in every decision he makes since it will affect him and the Dragons. He can't afford to be reckless about everything he needs to do. And Ryuu plans that mindset to stay the same. But his world turns upside down when he m... more info

Story about: mafia, billionare, mafia boss

Ongoing: 25 Sep 14 pages
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Rating: 2

#337 in Romance
#81 in Contemporary Romance

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