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With Love, xxxx.

Varshitha Kancharla

Kathleen is a simple, beautiful girl who always dreams high. She has a tender heart and always helps people. Ryan is a devilishly handsome mafia leader. Just a simple look of him can make everyone scare and bow to him. She is a creator… He is a destroyer. She holds pen… He holds gun. ... more info

Story about: billionaire, mafia leader, lifeanddeath

Complete 119 pages
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Rating: 229

#210 in Romance
#130 in Billionaires


Irresistible Invitations

S. S. Sahoo

On the day of her marriage, Juliette Swanson's fiance was shot and she was abducted by her abductor and was forcefully married off to her abductor. On this ride, she gets to know that her abductor lives two lives. One as a successful businessman and when it turns dark, he is in mafia and into illega... more info

Story about: love, mafia, mafia leader

Complete 502 pages
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Rating: 568

#256 in Romance
#154 in Billionaires
#36 in Romantic suspense


Torn Up Between (a mafia romance)


"You think you are hard to break huh?" He mocked me holding my neck in a strong grip but not strong enough to choke me. "Well I can break you in seconds." He smirked. "By killing your sweet father, but there's no fun in that, fun is torturing you and seeing him break little by little everyday." ... more info

Story about: mafia leader, mafia romance, revenge hatred suspence love billionaire

Ongoing: 27 Feb 21 pages
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Rating: 11

#68 in Thrillers & Suspense
#11 in Crime fiction
#660 in Romance
#88 in Romantic suspense

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