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Like You...

Constance Marounta

A year ago, young Emilia mysteriously disappeared for two months before she returned home in a bad shape. Her whereabouts were unknown but seemingly whatever it was that she went through is over. Or not?... more info

Story about: abuse, manipulation, romance mystery

Ongoing: 25 Jul 176 pages
6137 174

Rating: 27

#37 in Thrillers & Suspense
#15 in Suspense
#391 in Romance
#72 in Romantic suspense


Carter - coming soon

Emma Louise

Please read the first two books : Joker and Corey before reading this book as they over lap and you will get a better understanding of this book of you read them first. Carter has finally been realised from prison and is looking for revenge little does he know it’s right around the corner. Har... more info

Story about: love, dark, manipulation

Ongoing: 01 Jun 24 pages
768 82

Rating: 3

#3091 in Romance
#1010 in Billionaires
#319 in Thrillers & Suspense

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