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Brianna's Journey To Love

Suzzane Belle

When my friend dared me to kiss a guy in front of his two-timing date. I gathered all my courage and walked towards the man, I leaned on him, pulled his nape, and kissed him. At first it was awkward but when he delved his tongue to mine and I followed his rhythm, I owned the pleasurable moment of ki... more info

Story about: first love, marriage drama, runaway wife

Complete 91 pages
9697 226

Rating: 54

#1311 in Romance
#302 in Contemporary Romance


Nowhere To Go

Лили Крайн

He disappeared 6 years ago to reappear on the eve of her wedding to another. Mystery, love triangle, open ending.... more info

Story about: two guys one girl, marriage drama, love & tragedy

Complete 33 pages
628 50

Rating: 2

#2694 in Romance
#214 in Paranormal Romance
#338 in Mystery
#108 in Romantic mystery