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Love Hate Relationship

Goodness Shadrach

"Three rules: Don't talk to me, Don't touch me, Stay out of my business." Hearing that from her supposed husband on their wedding night, Sasha White or rather Sasha Brown had to question herself about the meaning of marriage. Being married to the handsome billionaire, Michael Brown, Sasha cou... more info

Story about: love, romance, marriage

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Rating: 1656

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#8 in Billionaires


Cruel trap of love

Souheir Benadis

Ten years of love, ten years of affection ,he was my happiness ,my everything, and on simple word he was my life For three years of marriage, madison thought that she can melt his heart but little did she know that she was trapped in his way of revenge As long as he is around She endured the thr... more info

Story about: revenge, billionaire, marriage

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Rating: 76

#32 in Romance
#23 in Billionaires
#1 in Historical Romance


Silence Temptations

Failia Baighaan

The chances of fatality are remarkable when you are entangled in the sizzling yet intriguing games of love, *** Law Black Solis and his wife Red, upholding the image of the unbreakable couple in the fashion industry, strengthened their bond with marriage. Unaware of the haunting demons of their pa... more info

Story about: marriage, love betrayal and heartbreak, lies and deceptions

Ongoing: 02 Mar 68 pages
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Rating: 17

#57 in Romance
#11 in Contemporary Romance
#41 in Billionaires

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Love in Relationship ( L H R 2)

Goodness Shadrach

"I can give you what you want but in my condition, people are going to talk and you know how I value my reputation. But let me give you a proposition, the doctor said I will be able to walk again in three months time. Come home with me and stay, and after three months, I will sign the divorce papers... more info

Story about: love, romance, marriage

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Rating: 2091

#95 in Romance
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Lies In Relationship ( L H R 3)

Goodness Shadrach

"How could you do this to me?" His voice spoke of his pain, of the hurt he feels. "I'm sorry..." Her lips quivered. "Sorry? You are saying sorry?" "Michael, it was..." "I don't want to see you now. Leave." "Michael...please..." "Just go!" His voice resonated through the whole house... more info

Story about: heartbreak, marriage, revenge and love

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Rating: 383

#179 in Romance
#115 in Billionaires


A Love Game.


She left, and two years later returns as a famous party planner. What happens when she finds out her past lover is engaged, and getting married. Making it worst, she is the wedding planner. Will she be able to gain his love again. Or will she give up and go with the flow. Sequeal of baby on ... more info

Story about: new adult, marriage, love and hate

Ongoing: 27 Feb 23 pages
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Rating: 20

#263 in Romance
#165 in Billionaires


Married To The Badboy Superstar

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

What happens when the honey-moon is over and reality sets in? The past seems to have caught up with Jordan and with it comes a series of unfortunate events. When an incident occurs and he later discovers the truth he feels betrayed by the people he trusted. How does he handle it when he feels like h... more info

Story about: love, marriage, drama and love

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Rating: 109

#351 in Romance
#67 in Contemporary Romance
#47 in Romantic suspense


Behind You


He is selfish and only think about himself. He doesn't care if it'll trouble the people around him. Jawad return from his journey when he gets the news of him getting married or he loses his position of being the heir to his father's company. Farah a beautiful and kindhearted woman, with a nice and... more info

Story about: marriage, love, family

Complete 123 pages
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Rating: 125

#390 in Romance
#75 in Contemporary Romance
#224 in Billionaires


Separated In Love


"I cannot erase you from my heart" Mae King is a 22 year old Computer Science final year student. She's from a very rich home, popular at school, drives the latest cars, travels the world for vacation, has the bestest friend, Ava Quinn. Her life is pretty perfect. Ryan Black, popular kid at ... more info

Story about: marriage, friendship and family, romance love seduction

Complete 138 pages
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Rating: 65

#749 in Romance
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Glass lotus


Please Nick I'm begging you let's try and work things out you can't do this to Liam and I", I say as I'm on my knees and beg him but he doesn't even look at me and pushes me and I land flat on my butt just then Liam rushes in and shouts"daddy don't hurt mommy I'm the one that drew on your papers and... more info

Story about: pregnancy, marriage, divorce

Ongoing: 25 Feb 71 pages
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Rating: 35

#732 in Romance
#366 in Billionaires


Love in the Name of God


This is a plea in my heart .God knows what I want . love is a sin, and also love is a god. i cannot die in this grief , nor i can say its a wish. My life is worship, My death is love in the name of God. ----------------------------------------------------------------- khuda ki muhbbat ko, fana k... more info

Story about: love, visuallove, marriage

Ongoing: 24 Jan 2 pages
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Rating: 4

#1553 in Romance
#70 in Inspiration romance

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