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My Fiance Is Alpha

Ms Kang

Arranged marriage is bullshit. No one will be happy if you find out one day you have a fiance. It's even more insane that he's not human. He looks human and he is hot but he is a werewolf. At first I didn't want to believe it, I thought they were just joking but they suddenly changed their appearanc... more info

Story about: mate, complicated past, werewolf alpha and a human luna

Ongoing: 23 Feb 32 pages
405 23 0

Rating: 1

#42 in Mystery
#19 in Romantic mystery
#720 in Romance
#63 in Paranormal Romance


The Prince of Darkness

Tia Summers

To Dove Carmicheal, the thought of Hell and Demons were along the same lines of flying pigs and Hogwarts. Maybe Fate thought it was a good idea to shove the evidence in her face in the form of a wicked deadly sin, a kidnapping and the Devil himself. Unfortunately for her, the latter turned out to... more info

Story about: king, demon, mate

Ongoing: 16 Jan 0 pages
144 36 1

Rating: 2

#1529 in Romance
#265 in Paranormal Romance
#540 in Fantasy
#96 in Dark fantasy

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