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The Dane and the Dame


A Man is taken to a place to live out his life. his fantasy. his sad, nostalgic fantasy.... more info

Story about: medieval, time travel, knights

Complete 40 pages
1950 79 12

Rating: 4

#529 in Romance
#11 in Historical Romance
#59 in Fantasy
#2 in Epic fantasy


Thunder Tournament

Roza Csergo

The Thunder Tournament takes place every year. Why is it different this time? It's the Year of the Wish. The King grants the champion one, no matter how outrageous that is. Nobles and peasants alike want riches and fame, but eighteen-year-old Igrin has only one thing in mind: vengeance. Willingl... more info

Story about: romance, medieval, forbidden love

Ongoing: 29 Sep 45 pages
72333 68 88

Rating: 75

#91 in Action & Adventures
#815 in Fantasy

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