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Translation of Love


Nam Sohee's life changes drastically. A new university, new home, new friends, new country, new culture. Everything is a new experience, but why does she feel deja vu when she sees him? Why does it feel like she's known him all her life? How is she supposed to navigate her first love and stay afloat... more info

Story about: college romance, mentalhealth, love and romance

Ongoing: 28 Jul 43 pages
811 88 7

Rating: 9

#181 in Romance
#26 in New Adult & College
#47 in Contemporary Romance


Promise Me Tomorrow [hiatus]


At least the view was nice. After struggling with after effects of being outed by his brother, Jensen Joy had come to terms with his end. What he didn't account for was being stopped by an intriguing stranger with the same motive. Not wanting to leave knowing what the stranger would do, he makes hi... more info

Story about: mentalhealth, boyxboy, unlikely relationship

Ongoing: 04 Aug 42 pages
1064 101 41

Rating: 12

#255 in Romance
#10 in LGBT
#68 in Contemporary Romance


The Curious Case of Charlie Tillman

RJ Pritchett

Charlie Tillman is infamous to her hometown as well as her own family. A tragic event that led up to her arrest is the reason why her name is the subject of infamy. She has never told a single would her side of the story... Until now.... more info

Story about: paranormal, mentalhealth, backstory

Ongoing: 14 Aug 23 pages
58 7 0

Rating: 3

#77 in Thrillers & Suspense
#19 in Crime fiction
#33 in Suspense


Just Friends


They've been best friends since forever. The best friends. The kind that laughs together even after the teacher told them to stop. That stay home just to watch TV together. The type of friends that pretend to be dating even though they're just friends. But that can change. ******** When Jul... more info

Story about: friendship, mentalhealth, lgbt love

Ongoing: 27 Jun 8 pages
234 27 0

Rating: 0

#121 in Young adult
#642 in Romance
#43 in LGBT

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