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Booknet Stories: misunderstanding and heartbreak. Best in genre

Stories: misunderstanding and heartbreak. Best in genre

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Book cover "My Heartless Husband"
Teenage crush, three years marriage but divorced, five years separation. This was their life story. But there was the only thing constant in all these incidents. They love each other to the core. Gloria White who got divorced from David Colin five years back returned to New York with her four-yea...
41 801
321 pp.
Book cover "Lack of Trust"
"I was not flawed, your faith was flawed. If You had faith in your heart for me, I wouldn't have to bear all that I did because of you" she said looking towards him who was sobbing infront of her. "I was very sad and angry at that time. All the evidence was against you and when I saw that condition...
4 662
In progress: 06 Aug
43 pp.
Book cover "Xavier's Bride"
I didn't love her, I didn't care what she has gone through in her life, the moment I saw her I could tell that she was just playing by the wind, there was not even an inch of truth in her words. Yet I saved her, for only one reason. And that's... She must be my bride. He saved her in exchange of...
134 229
288 pp.
Book cover "Extremity"
Passionate hearts can break every limit for the one they love. This sounds perfect for Rayan's story who hid the intense feelings he had for Irsa but before he could make a move, it was too late- Isra was getting married. He wanted to move on- but things didn't go as planned. It was said that ...
12 932
189 pp.
Book cover "Love is bound to happen !"
"Shut up. Sia." I spoke to her. "Ohhhh. Yeah. I should not be saying cause someone is blushing madly." Sia said. I blushed harder.I turned away my gaze from the mirror which was placed infront of me. I picked up Serom, Sia's baby brother and hugged him. I smiled while hugging him. My cheeks...
11 pp.
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