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The Forgotten Embrace

Kyzyl Mhy

Marianne Cordova was a simple lady who lived a life filled with contentment. She had everything – a stable job, a supportive circle of friends, and a man who loved her dearly. But on the very day of her wedding, she gets abandoned by her groom with nothing but a small piece of paper in which h... more info

Story about: love at first sight, moving on, playboy billionaire

Ongoing: 15 May 75 pages
9686 418

Rating: 73

#40 in Young adult
#735 in Romance
#46 in New Adult & College


Completing The List

PJ Lowry

Lizzy Sheppard loses her husband too soon and one day finds something that helps the grieving process: his bucket list. 30 things he wanted to do before he died. Eager to do something for her departed beloved, Lizzy sets off to complete the list in the hopes that she will learn more about the man wh... more info

Story about: lost love, bucket lists, moving on

Complete 245 pages
77361 618

Rating: 33

#7988 in Romance
#1257 in Contemporary Romance
#431 in Inspiration romance

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Forever Love

Payal Mandal

After 2 years of facing the disastrous consequences of falling for her, he was slowly getting back his long lost life due to someone else's presence in it. But his happiness was deemed to be short-lived when she entered his life again. But this time, it was different, she didn't want to destroy Aay... more info

Story about: love, moving on, drama and betrayal

Complete 195 pages
21918 336

Rating: 149

#3047 in Romance
#139 in Inspiration romance
#216 in Contemporary fiction


The Broken Girl

Rameen Rayha

Meet Lucy. A sweet and passionate girl who is traumatized about her past and unable to move on from it. Suffering from depression to panic attacks, she trusts no one after the incident that took place in her life, she isn’t as close to anyone, not even her family because she thinks they wouldn... more info

Story about: family betrayal, moving on, lonely

Complete 92 pages
2085 53

Rating: 9

#591 in Young adult

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