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K.R Webber

Benjamin Hansen has returned from his work and is confused about what he should be cooking for his murderer. He can't wait to get killed but he can't keep one thing out of his mind....FEAR... more info

Story about: supernatural, depression, murder mystery

Complete 45 pages
2465 97

Rating: 8

#1031 in Mystery
#573 in Supernaturals
#916 in Thrillers & Suspense
#220 in Crime fiction



Meesha Patricia

Roses have many representations. For Holly Cassia, it's one of pure dread. Dread knowing that the RoseBlood killer has murdered both parents in a dark, unusual way, and now they're after her, leaving only a twisted love note and blood-red rose to remind her that they're closer than she thinks... and... more info

Story about: murder mystery, love romance, rose

Ongoing: 19 Jun 93 pages
870 45

Rating: 5

#270 in Thrillers & Suspense
#57 in Crime fiction
#2423 in Romance
#344 in Romantic suspense


The Murder House

PJ Lowry

When David opens his eyes, he has no idea where he is. Shackled to the wall and surrounded by people who are both dead and alive, the worst night of his life is about to begin.... more info

Story about: murder mystery, trapped inside a game, survival

Ongoing: 12 Jun 11 pages
37 4

Rating: 0

#139 in Thrillers & Suspense
#50 in Suspense
#16 in Action thriller


Revival Factory

K.R Webber

A butcher's son gets lost in a mysterious way without any hint. Only one person knows whereabout of the child. But the one who knows it won't speak. Is his son dead or alive? The person won't tell but will instead let the poor butcher linger in grief. Till a new grief arrives. It comes in night... more info

Story about: horror, ghost, murder mystery

Complete 45 pages
2567 69

Rating: 7

#2529 in Fantasy
#998 in Mystery
#561 in Supernaturals


One Shoe Gumshoe

Tony Spencer

In in 1941 and London is filled with men in recently conscripted khaki or RAF blue and ordinary Londoners suffering from the Blitz with bombing most nights while still carrying on their lives. But one of those airmen is missing, not just anyone but famous Hollywood actor Brad Gold, although an Ameri... more info

Story about: london blitz, murder mystery, historical romance

Complete 263 pages
493 15

Rating: 0

#205 in Thrillers & Suspense
#40 in Crime fiction
#77 in Suspense

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