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Think Like A Criminal

Ifra MK

"Appearances can be deceiving," she said as she watched his face contoured into confusion. She let out a mocking laugh before continuing, "I'm a lot smarter than you think." __________ Vincent Black, a notorious killer, escaped the City Jail. He sent a video to the police, telling them he w... more info

Story about: detectives, mystery thriller, categories

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Rating: 33

#34 in Thrillers & Suspense
#17 in Suspense
#5 in Crime fiction


His Cursed Mistress

Valerie Sax

She was kidnapped, tortured, and abused for saving the man she fell in love with. And now she found herself lost once again as she tried to find out her new identity. Is she going to accept the new beast growling inside her? Or she will reject it. She developed new powers where her dreams come tr... more info

Story about: lovestory, mystery thriller, werewolf alpha and mate

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Rating: 213

#987 in Romance
#56 in Paranormal Romance
#5 in Horror
#5 in Paranormal


The Red Journal

Shrishtee Suman

Journal is a written account of someone's life. That's what we all believe and reading one's journal means reading what they did on a particular day of their life. But what if you come across the one which depicts your future. Sounds unrealistic, right? Well, our protagonist has encountered on... more info

Story about: mystery thriller, mystery and lies, mysterydiary

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Rating: 56

#115 in Thrillers & Suspense
#43 in Short stories


Rebirth of the Missing


This story is about the missing girl Sana. The twist is that her mother is aware where she would be, how she finds her and the mysterious rebirth... more info

Story about: mystery thriller, mystery and blackmagic, rebirth

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Rating: 7

#714 in Thrillers & Suspense
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