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The Love Of A Billionaire

Laura Williams

Meet Riley Kendall, who has been struggling with life since her parents died when she was only 10. She finds a job at a billionaire's house and decides to go for it. Little does she know her life would be turned completely upside down. Meet Zach Price, a self-made billionaire with looks, brains a... more info

Story about: love, mystery, billionaire

Complete 132 pages
140633 2130

Rating: 335

#315 in Romance
#162 in Billionaires


Angelic Demon

Angelic Emman

BOOK 1: A thrilling story of a Demon, sent into the mortal world as an infant, where people think of Demons as the most evil creature. As he grew older, he realized that no other creature can be more evil than the humans. They’re worse than the Demons. Suffering in the evil world, he cou... more info

Story about: paranormal romance, demon in love with a human, mystery

Complete 284 pages
15066 457

Rating: 71

#50 in Fantasy
#27 in Romantic fantasy
#383 in Romance
#3 in LGBT


The nerd and Mr Popular

Asma Anam

"Just a reminder you're nothing but just their tutor and we are tolerating you in our house cuz you're a friend of that stupid girl, so act formal and keep your nose away from our family's matter," he spat out angrily and left the room. Zaynah Fatima, not your expected nerd, whose life was full of ... more info

Story about: nerd, popular, mystery

Complete 253 pages
49800 576

Rating: 94

#705 in Romance
#97 in Romantic suspense
#11 in Others
#11 in Humor


The Mystery of a Techie's Murder

Vijay Kerji

Priya, a software engineer, is found dead in her apartment when her flatmate Julia is away on a weekend. Detective Mayur finds a Pizza Hut cap with the strand of hair in it at the crime scene along with a cigarette butt and shoe prints. Krishna Raj, Priya's manager, says Priya became close to her co... more info

Story about: detective, mystery, mystery romance

Complete 175 pages
15762 164

Rating: 28

#112 in Mystery
#41 in Romantic mystery


Third in Command


Liana Williams is an Alpha daughter that was supposed to run a pack at hand until the merciless Alpha Nicolas came and killed hundreds of her people. Traumatized in what she had seen, Liana came up with an idea to seek revenge. She was welcomed in a pack in the small werewolf town called northern bo... more info

Story about: mystery, werewolf, romance

Complete 158 pages
66996 1030

Rating: 53

#115 in Mystery
#54 in Supernaturals
#43 in Romantic mystery


In Red

Monica Euen

One quiet, moonlit night, two girls run away from a remote castle. They are terribly scared: they have never been anywhere but in that far-off place and, what's more, the night hides fatal specific dangers for them. So, why have they decided to risk it all... and why now?... more info

Story about: mystery, romance

Complete 69 pages
8794 136

Rating: 1

#110 in Mystery
#39 in Romantic mystery
#1325 in Romance
#192 in Romantic suspense


The Advocate

A story for everyone

In the year 3022 Sharline City is under the control of a ruthless police force who wielded highly futuristic weapons. For decades they started a campaign of robbing the people of their freedom. In time the people became too afraid to do anything as the police officers would constantly enforce their ... more info

Story about: crime fighting, mystery

Ongoing: 29 Jun 28 pages
48 2

Rating: 0

#281 in Fantasy
#17 in Action fantasy
#10 in Epic fantasy


Suicide Love Letters

Fortress Meadow

I want at least a single person to completely know my deepest secrets. And I'm choosing you. Because to you, I will remain a stranger and I know it won't bother you that much. I won't matter that much.... more info

Story about: mystery, romance, love letters

Complete 64 pages
10286 262

Rating: 31

#1168 in Young adult
#1120 in Mystery
#294 in Romantic mystery


Guardians' Destiny - Kathrinna

Yohiner Moreno

On a day that seems to follow the daily routine, a small event will take Egios through a journey in the company of a mysterious woman, going through deep caverns, accursed forests and strange cult that pursues them... but who is she really? Is she being honest with him? What hides that box that she ... more info

Story about: mystery, adventure, vampire

Complete 322 pages
74024 470

Rating: 14

#2786 in Fantasy
#262 in Action fantasy
#209 in Epic fantasy


Prophet Of Death

PJ Lowry

Detective Pete Gibbons needs a break to recharge, but life has other plans for him. A nagging Ex, overloading work, and a sociopath taking out his rage on the upper crust. No rest for the wicked. ... more info

Story about: mystery, suspense, crime thriller

Complete 132 pages
6633 225

Rating: 15

#898 in Thrillers & Suspense
#332 in Suspense
#216 in Crime fiction


The Secret of a Strangled Woman

Vijay Kerji

Naina Goel, the wife of Karan Goel, is robbed and murdered in their mansion, Giri Kunj. Karan requests an inquest to his detective friend, Mayur Varma. Mayur chases the clues and accepts the challenge of arranging the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. What hurdles does he face along with Aisha Mishra and P... more info

Story about: mystery, mystery series, mystery action romance

Complete 173 pages
6270 192

Rating: 22

#813 in Thrillers & Suspense
#204 in Crime fiction
#293 in Suspense


Echo in the ravine

Эллин Крыж

The story of a young couple who promised to love each other forever... (original in Russian and Ukrainian).... more info

Story about: mystery, broken dreams, fairytale short story

Complete 2 pages
156 7

Rating: 14

#314 in Short stories
#1917 in Fantasy


Five Nights at Freddy’s - Story Timeline

Elizabeth HC Louise

Everyone has wondered how the story of FNAF, the collective video game series, first came to be or how the story is completed by the tangled order of the games. But thanks to many collective works, we now have the complete timeline of Five Nights at Freddy's.... more info

Story about: mystery, suspence, hauntings

Complete 25 pages
86 5

Rating: 0

#34 in Horror
#19 in Paranormal
#180 in Thrillers & Suspense
#66 in Suspense


Mysterious crystals


Just before Christmas I discovered five tiny shiny gems in the right thigh pocket of my combats. How they got there is a big mystery and it gave me the inspiration for this story. One morning May is sorting the laundry, she is checking the right thigh pocket of Guardian's combats and makes a rem... more info

Story about: mystery, shortstory

Complete 6 pages
957 25

Rating: 1

#2800 in Fantasy
#1113 in Mystery
#616 in Supernaturals


Last Resort

Cherie Mitchell

A bonus book introduction to the Paranormal Investigations Series When dynamic ghostbusting duo Max and Crystal are called in to rid a resort of its party of guest-frightening phantoms, Max is unprepared for the mystery they're about to unravel. Who is the mysterious blue lady? What unspoke... more info

Story about: mystery, ghosts, haunted houses

Complete 41 pages
36884 189

Rating: 18

#309 in Horror
#191 in Paranormal
#1052 in Mystery
#584 in Supernaturals


Echoes Of Darkness

Gegi Mei

Here we follow the footsteps of Adrian Addams, an orphan, a loner, a night crawler to the core who works for Jordan Cromwell, the city's most influential man's son. The city is going through some changes after 33 years of the separation, and Adrian is caught right in the middle of it. He's accust... more info

Story about: mystery, friendship, murder

Complete 115 pages
6683 351

Rating: 34

#826 in Thrillers & Suspense
#206 in Crime fiction
#920 in Young adult
#57 in Dystopia


Mystery At The Mansion

Vijay Kerji

Rithika Menon, a college professor, has been murdered in her flat. At the time of the murder, her husband, Sampath Menon, is out shopping for groceries. Sampath's younger brother and his girlfriend hear Rithika screaming before she is murdered. Detective Mayur Varma decides to investigate the case. ... more info

Story about: mystery, detective, suspense mystery

Complete 267 pages
3261 64

Rating: 12

#686 in Mystery
#585 in Thrillers & Suspense
#143 in Crime fiction

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