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Cerestial: A Brief Beginning

Ace of Prince

Humans are known for vast imaginations and stories following the splendid and spectacular lives of Fantasy beings. however little do they know, said beings more commonly known as Mythicals amongst their many species, have existed and lived alongside the human race for millennia, both amongst; and be... more info

Story about: selfdiscovery, mythical beings

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Rating: 3

#673 in Fantasy
#335 in Short stories


Hiwaga and Alfonso

Plume Alter

Waiting can be a very painful process. Will someone endure the process of waiting in exchange for the glory of love? Discover a one of a kind mythical love story that will surely melt your heart away. ... more info

Story about: romance, mythical beings, urban fa

Complete 10 pages
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Rating: 16

#530 in Fantasy
#33 in Urban fantasy
#270 in Short stories

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